Saturday, March 31, 2007

Final Four...

Okay. I'm going to read and watch the Final Four tonight!

Go Bucks!

8^ )

Letter of Recommendation

Recently, I applied for a scholarship that was given to me by the college. Because of my current GPA, the college is facilitating the awarding of a scholarship from National City Bank. So, I applied. We'll see how it goes. The results will be announced Wednesday at a reception. But, Professor Nuala wrote the letter of recommendation for me. Here is the letter:

"I am very happy to recommend Mrs. Cathy (removed) for the 2007 National City Corporation Scholarship through Cleveland State University's Career Services.

Mrs. Cathy (removed) has been a student in two of my Creative Writing classes: ENG 303 (Summer 2006) and ENG 305 (Spring 2007). In both classes Mrs. Cathy (removed) excelled, earning a grade of A in each. With much energy and enthusiasm to spare, she also took on leadership roles as Editor-in-Chief for the Class Manuscript, and as Audio Engineer for the Class Recording of each student's work that she then produced as a CD.

Designated as a "non-traditional" student, Mrs. (removed) is a young mother/wife and mature student who has fine-tuned her skills to achieve her goals with the highest efficiency and quality. Although Mrs. Cathy (removed) is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, she has had much experience managing finances, and has expressed an interest in pursuing an MBA in Business Management and Finances through CSU in the future.

Mrs. Cathy (removed) grew up learning responsible financial management through both parents who have always worked in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) and are presently employed as Lead Military Pay Technicians auditing all accounts due to Navy members, paying medical and dental bonuses to doctors and dentists, and correctly processing all bonuses to doctors and dentists, and correctly process all bonuses for enlisted Navy members.

In her years of experience as a Programmer Analyst for Ernst & Young/Intellinex and as an Executive Secretary for Cuyahoga Community College, Mrs. Cathy (removed) skillfully managed $1,000,000 budget in technology assets assisted by her mastery in desktop publishing, database software, technical writing skills and Lotus Notes Application Development.

As a student at Cleveland State University, Mrs. Cathy (removed) has distinguished herself through work for the Cleveland Stater Newspaper as a Staff Reporter and Circulation Manager.

I have found Mrs. Cathy (removed) to be a very considerate and kind student to her classmates, as well as being highly motivated and organized. When Mrs. Cathy (removed) takes on a responsibility she follows through with dependable grace, humor and expertise.

In my estimation, Mrs. Cathy (removed) will serve as an exemplary banner recipient of this first National City Corporation Scholarship through CSU. I recommend her with my full support and best wishes knowing that she will use the scholarship funds responsibly and will represent both National City Corporation and CSU with pride, dependability and intelligence."

That's the letter.

Love to all,
8^ )

Shew! Blogging and Thinking in Reverse

I've got a whole set of blog entries to put in later, but the whole idea of how someone enters blog stories for people to read is backwards. Because you read the blog from top to bottom, older stuff you enter, for obvious reasons, is at the bottom. But, when you want to enter a series, you need to think in reverse for entering. Because the stuff you want people to read FIRST are the things you need to write LAST! Strange, eh!

Well, the reason I say this is that there will be 3 more posts after this one, journaling our past 2 days of chaos in the house. The house is pretty much back in order. I still need to resetup our printing station. And, mom's working on shortening Cassi's curtains for her room, along with our needing to put up the curtains in her room and in our office. But, otherwise, everything is pretty much back in order. We ended needing to go out and purchase new curtain rods for the dining room windows, all 3 bedrooms, and the kitchen. The kitchen will be fun because the light over our sink is too close to the window now. We currently can't put the rod up. AND, at the same time, just like the other 2 lights Rob has replaced, we'll have to drywall and clean up the mess hiding under the light in the kitchen as the seller was a real JACK### when he put the light up.

But, this weekend, Cassi is out with Pa. She REALLY tried to get a better offer. She wanted to go over to Alexis's house. I reasoned with her to go to Pa's because she really hasn't been there in almost 2 weeks, not even really in the evenings for my class. So, I know Pa has been missing her. Plus, for Easter break, she's already been invited over Alexis and Dan's house. He's such a good guy. I'm glad that I can call him my friend. Don't have much of them these days, especially ones that, out of the blue say, yeah, I'll take her anytime when you're going to school. They can play. Just come get her when you're done. I really like his girlfriend too. It's nice to have friends who also have kids of their own. It'll be nice over the summer to do things together as families, picnics and such.

But, as I started to say, Cassi's at Pa's. Rob and I went out for breakfast together this morning. Maybe we're continuing that "date night" thing for every weekend. It was nice to go do something together by ourselves. The food was good too. We went to Golden Corral. I had an omlet, a blueberry pancake, 2 halves of french toast, this small piece of a breakfast bake. I also got to drink a chocolate milk. Mmmmmm.

This weekend is going to be a catchup for me. I've got to print out these blog pages for my journal for poetry class. Plus, I've got to include my weekly dividers too. Then, I've got to update my journal for my tech writing class. Professor Mary finally gave me back my binder, which seems to be ready for the trash heap. I've got others to replace it, especially since the binder is now too small for my journal entries. Even though she only wanted me to put the news clips and overviews in the journal, I'm also adding the work I've done in class, with the grades.

Then, because next week is Easter, I'm working on printing out photos of Cassi to send with Easter cards this week. Cassi had pictures done professionally at Sears. I can't believe how beautiful she looks. Let me see if I can add some of them here. I saved the electronic files. They look good for viewing on the web.

Then, I've got laundry, dishes, and the usual house cleaning for the weekend. Also, I met with Professor Nuala yesterday. I told her about the papers I've had to write for my tech writing class. She suggested that I try to write poems about the topics from those papers. So, as part of my homework for her this weekend, I'm also going to try to write a poem about breathalyzers as this was a paper for the other class. Also, I like the idea that I came up with yesterday. Becuase I listen to music SO much, I thought of a topic like, take a line, could be the title or a line within one of your favorite songs and write a free verse poem. So, I'm hoping to have 3 new poems for Monday. Plus, because I had shared 2 other poems I wrote a couple weeks ago, but haven't been able to workshop them yet, Nuala said I could be first and have those poems workshopped.

But, right now, I'm working to create my new resume on Mom sent me a posting about summer openings at her office. Would be nice to work in the same office as mom & dad.

Gotta go for now. Here's the picture:

Love to all,
8^ )

Story About the Windows

Okay, here's the story. As I state in the next post, I had to create these post backwards so you can see them in the correct order.

But, about the story. We purchased this home 2 years ago. The major problem with the windows is that they were original to the house (among other things we've come to find out as being original to the building of this home). We have been working this whole time to get financing to replace the windows. After two times, we finally got our desires accomplished.

The project took two days to complete. I can't wait to get to work on our summer projects. We've picked up paint for the walls, ceilings, and wood trim for the windows.

The original windows did not keep the sound out or the cold out or the heat out. I'm already able to hear it being quieter. I'm also able to keep the temperature down more. I can't wait to be able to open the windows for the summer and keep the central air off as much as possible.

Okay. The next two posts show the old window pictures, then the new window pictures.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Old Windows

Old Windows:

Our bedroom and back door (back door next to be replaced)

These windows are the back of the dining room and the kitchen. As you can see, they are the old crank style. All the windows are aluminum framed. The glass is called "jealousy" glass.
This is the other dining room window.
These are the two front beedroom windows.
This is the front living room window, along with the front door. The front door was changed last fall. The window opening is 96" wide by 62 inches tall.
This is the other living room window. Both of the sides of these windows would crank out for air. As you can see on these pictures, on the "fancy" rock, there is white specks. These specks come from caulking that was holding aluminum overhangs over 5 of the windows. We took the overhangs down and cashed them in. I couldn't believe there was 73 pounds of aluminum, for which we got $40 for.
Also, with the windows, each window on the inside had 1 inch thick marble ledges. All of the marble was able to come up without the need to break them. We've gotten a suggestion to make them into a butcher block. We've one-upped this idea by making me my movable island with a cabinet and the marble block for the counter top/cutting block. I'll get my Grandpa Dave to help me clean up the marble and get it ready to make a counter top. Also, Rob and I want to make coasters out of some of it. I think, the rest could end up being sold.
Lots of Love,
8^ )

New Windows

Cassi's Room, new window. This is a slider with a full screen. We'll be able to open full one side or the other or slide to middle for smaller openings on the sides.
Second front bedroom. Same as Cassi's.

This is the front living room window, to the right of the front door as you face it.

This is the other living room window, on the front side of the house, the side that faces High St.

This is the first dining room window, on the same side of the house.
This is the second dining room window, on the back sidc of the house.

Here is the kitchen window.

This is our bedroom window.

Overall, the windows make the house look so beautiful. AND, the house will stay warmer with the windows.
Love to all,
8^ )

Friday, March 30, 2007

Project Almost Done

Okay. So, our house project is almost done. Probably later today, I'll elaborate on the full scope of the project. All I can say right now is that it will DEFINITELY be warmer in our house from now on!

Lots of love,
8^ )

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Better Offer...

I swear my daughter has a better social life than I do (sorry, honey, but right now it's the truth). On our way out from school, to get in the car and FLY to Cleveland for my poetry class, we ran into Dan and Alexis. Alexis is Cassi's friend. Last week, she went there on Tuesday night. Alexis asks if Cassi can come over and play. I tell her that I'm on my way to school that she would need to stay until after I get done class. Dan tells me no problem.

So, she got a better offer. Even though she loves seeing Professor Nuala, going and playing with friends is better.

But, she was very upset when I got there. A "lover's" quarrel the girls were having. Probably too much "girl" time together. They had a good time. Dan has already asked for Cassi to come over and spend the night during Easter Break. SWEET!

So, we've got furniture moved, ready for our big 2-day event here at the house. Sorry, Marie, you're in the dark as much as everyone else. Want it to be a HUGE surprise. I'll add photos as soon as the work is done (can't figure it out yet?). Let me just say it will be ALOT warmer here after we're done. But, I will still have access to the internet. YEAH! Didn't have to move that furniture, just a laser printer.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Cassi's First Poem

I was sorting through Cassi's "Bee" Book this morning, making sure everything is there for her to go to school. Yes, even in first grade the kids have binders for their work. But, low and behold, I find a poem, written by her and in her own handwriting. OK. So, I don't know if she completely thought about what to write by herself, but it just goes to show you that the writing "apple" doesn't fall far from the tree.

And, without further blah blah blah, here is the poem:

Spring is special.
Playing at the park
Rain in the spring
It is sunny.
Nice flowers grow


What do you think? Not bad for a first grader. And, a good poem to share since it's about spring. Plus, being that it's Wednesday, AND Cassi's coming with me to poetry class, I'm going to print and share the poem with my classmates.

Love to all,
8^ )

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cassi Comes with me to Technical Writing...

This evening was a very good evening. Rob is starting a new (back to old) job. Over the next 2 weeks, he'll be scheduled in both locations until his time comes up done at the Cleveland Clinic. (don't ask. I've got another post specifically for this topic.)

But, since Cassi wasn't scheduled to go to Pa's, I didn't think it would be fair for him to change his schedule. Pa decided he wanted and needed to work over some. No problem. When I knew of the change last week, I asked Professor Mary if Cassi could come to class.

No problem. As long as she behaved.

So, I brought my computer for her to play on the internet, along with headphones and a movie for her to watch. (side note: Marie, I need to bring a DVD decoder software to load on Grandpa Dave's computer so he can watch DVDs there. It's been reloaded so many times the software has been forgotten.) Anyway, we got to class. Mary can't believe how pretty Cassi is. Cassi was showing her red, red hair. So, we sat down together and got the computer out and running. Cassi put the headphones in and wanted to play on the Barbie Web site. We brought snacks and drinks. Just before our first break, she needed to potty. With the bathrooms at the other end of the floor, I wasn't comfortable allowing her to go by herself.

But, while she's on the computer, Mary couldn't believe how quiet Cassi was. I told her Cassi was playing on the Barbie site. Mary comes over behind Cassi and is astonished at how well she runs my laptop. She was very surprised at how quiet and behaved Cassi was. I told her she has been taught to be respectful in my classes and when it is appropriate to be loud and not be loud.

Cassi asked Mary if it was okay to draw on the chalk board. Then, Cassi drew a picture of herself and Mary on a walkway. Very hilarious. Wish I'd had my camera. After about 10-15 minutes, Cassi warmed up to Mary. On our way back from the potty, Mary had to run to her office. Cassi runs up to Mary and gives her a hug. Also, before class ended, she hugged one of my classmates and Mary again. I told Mary how she knows who she likes, even though she's a little shy in the beginning. I think she's acting like me. When I was growing up, even now, I like to "eye" someone over for about 10 minutes before being myself. Then, everything is great.

Even my classmates said they couldn't believe how well-behaved she was. We came home and Cassi put on pajamas for bed. She gets to go with me on Wednesday to my poetry class. Same as tonight.

Love to all,
8^ )

New Template...

Just in time for Easter! Hope everyone enjoys the new template. I've got lots to say, but MAJOR stuff is happening at my house over the next few days. I may not have access to my internet for those days. I'll catch everyone up once I get back (also with COOL photos). I'll leave everyone wondering what I might be doing!

As an update for my classes, my goal for double A's is in my future! As it stands right now, for my writing assignments in Technical Writing, I've got scores of 5 out of 5 or 24/25 out of 25. The major hurdle right now is the TERM PAPER. I just turned in the first draft today. I meet with Professor Mary next Tuesday for a half hour to go through the paper for my final revisions and print. Then, I'm off class, doing work on my own, until 4/17.

Okay. Gotta go. I've got a few more major printing projects that need to get done before I go to bed tonight. The network goes down in the am.

Love to all,
8^ )


My paper, she is done! AND, I'm


Enough said. Will update more later. I need a quick break before voter registration later before class. I'm also getting all my CRAP ready for school as Cassi is going to go with me to school tonight. Professor Mary said it's okay and Pa will get to work a little extra this evening.

Love to all,
8^ )

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Toothpick is Mightier than the Sword

Yes, this is true! I saw it for myself this weekend. On Saturday, Cassi had gotten a better offer than just going to Pa's house for sleepover. I know Pa was sad, but know that he was happy Cassi got to go do something different. She had a sleepover at her girlfriend's house, just a block over from here.

During the day, we went to dad's and Rob had his new scrub pants shortened. Sorry, I may be suburban, but not THAT SUBURBAN! I'm too afraid to damage the pants. So, mom does them.

We came home and figured out what we wanted to do. I told Rob that I had been wanting to go to the Viking Store. The Viking Stove Company has a retail store on the east side of Cleveland, in a shopping center called Legacy Village. We get the mailings for their cooking class schedules. I REALLY wanted to go. So, off we went. First, though we went over and purchased 2 shock/spring units for the rear of Rob's wagon. He figured he could do them himself. (more about this in another post)

We got to the east side and looked in the store. The store is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Can't wait to try one of their cooking classes. But, I was able to purchase a pancake dropper (have wanted one for ages) and a funky finger potato peeler and a set of heart-shaped pancake molds. Of course, I made pancakes on Sunday!

But, after, it was getting late, about 7:30 and we hadn't eaten dinner. As a matter of fact, we'd been so busy during the day, we hadn't eaten at all. Rob asks me which way should we go. If we go back the way we came, we would just head to the highway, but if we went the other way, we would had toward downtown Cleveland. So, we went that way. Once we reached a street named Coventry, I say to him, "If you take the next right, we'll be right down the street from Mongolian Barbeque." Hmm! We had tried to get into that restaurant years ago, but didn't want to wait. This time, we were going. We had no kid and it turned out to be "date night" for us. Yes, Marie, for those of you who get comments from Marie, when she lived in Cleveland, she lived near Coventry. A very unusual place, Cleveland Heights. They have timed meters at EVERY parking space. Nothing is free, or free during off hours. You have to pay the meters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! But, we had the change and were ready. Get to the restaurant: 2 hour wait! HUH?

But, we decided, what the heck! We'll wait. At some point in our waiting, we get to sit down on some bar chairs that are at the front door. But, the front door doesn't want to stay open. They're so busy they need to keep the door open at all times. So, I see the hostess grab a toothpick. She goes to the door and wedges the toothpick to the door and in the floor mat. WOW! I can't believe she just kept this steel and glass door open with the toothpick!


But, it only took an hour to get into the restaurant. The food was AMAZING! If you get the oppportunity to do this type of restaurant, I would say, GO FOR IT! Words just can't describe the experience. You walk through a buffet line, picking your meat, veggies, sauce, and seasonings. Then, you go up to this HUGE cooking surface, where the cooks are walking around the circle, cooking your food right in front of you while you wait!

This nightly experience reminded me that I REALLY enjoyed going out with Rob by ourselves. We got home about 10:30, exhausted. I told Rob yesterday that on his weekends off, I would like to be able to do date nights with him. Since we've celebrated our 10th anniversary, I've been feeling like a newlywed again.

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

Lots of Stuff, Little Time to Put in

This past week has been crazy. Yes, I'm still working on my paper. I had an opportunity for Professor Mary to see what I had written on Thursday at class. There were only 3 of us there with anything for her to see. All I needed to do was have her read, make some suggestions and get otta there. So, I was done in an hour. She asked me questions about stuff I still need to put in my paper. She asked me to explain the "how" the whiteboards work. So, I got into explaining examples and comparing to what a "regular" whiteboard does. She just looked at me. I know her mouth wasn't to the floor, but the thought was there. She couldn't believe how much these things do. Then, she was telling us how worn out she was from all the reading of papers she's been doing. Her "day job" is the director of the writing center. She told us about these students who have to do writing, but don't like it and talked about high school kids she's been working with who also don't like writing.

Well, I opened my trap and told her about my experiences in high school. What you might find funny: I HATED English in high school. It wasn't the fact that I didn't like to write or read; it was the fact that I didn't like to TOLD what to do. They said, "You will." And I said, "I won't." It wasn't until college that I really started enjoying English. My first year in college, way back in 1989 and at Drexel University, I really worked well with my English classes. The professor's put the classes in a different light. I wanted to do the work. They would say, "Ok. Don't forget, you'll want at least two drafts of your papers. Print the first one and edit it before turning in a final version." I NEVER did that. I always typed the paper up the night before it was due, first draft, printed and turned in. I NEVER edited my papers. But, I was always getting A's. Hmmm! This isn't so bad after all.

Again, she looked at my like she wanted to drop her mouth to the floor. So, she really liked my paper. And, it appears that my goal of two A's this semester will happen. Yes, Marie, I know you're proud of me; you tell me all the time (and all my other blog friends who read me). There's just a certain someone who doesn't tell me hardly at all that I would like him to tell me more often. It makes me feel good.

But, for now, I'm going to close. I've got lots to write about and lots to do this morning. Right now, I've got some directions to write for my grandfather and some med receipts to scan for an audit of our health care spending account.

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The BIG Day Has Arrived

Everyone, pray for me and wish me luck. Even though my term paper draft one is due on Tuesday, I'm going to bite the bullet and get it written today. Rob is off work until next Thursday now. This will give us time to spend together, without the paper hanging over my head this weekend.

So, if I'm not around the blogosphere until next week, you know why.

Love to all,
8^ )

Monday, March 19, 2007

I promised some pictures...

Here are some pictures from last week.

This is Rob on Tueday night. He is a member of the Masons. He is finally able to start going back to his meetings. I think it's good for him to get out on his own more.

This is the hole in my ceiling where the old light was. Why such a LARGE hole? The (foul-filth-foul) guy who sold us this house doesn't know his A## from a hole in the ground when it comes to taking care of the house. First off, the light that was there had LAMP CORD running from the main power line to the fixture. The light is just fine, and I'll probably use it somewhere else, but not here anymore. The reason for the hole is that, as we came to realize, the ceiling is the ORIGINAL ceiling. Just like the closet in my office, the walls (and ceilings) are made of plaster on drywall. Unlike the closet, though, this ceiling has the wire mesh that we thought would be in the closet. But, I digree. You are able to see the wire mesh before we put new drywall up into the hole. Rob came to find out that there was a piece of plywood up in this hole, along with small pieces of 1x2 wood to fill in the hole. Why not just use drywall? So, Rob took some 2x4's to frame a box for the light box to go into. Then, took 2 pieces of drywall and goop to fill the space. But, if you can see, there's a nice textural effect in the ceiling. That's why we got the architectural circle (next picture) to cover up the lack of being able to recreate the textural effect.

But we were finally able to put our ceiling fan up. This is what it looks like. We haven't painted the circle yet. Because the ceiling is original to the house, AND there are cracks in the ceiling, we will be working this summer to fix the cracks and paint the ceiling. At that time, we'll go ahead and paint the circle. There's so much light in this great room now. I actually have to keep the lighting on just two of the four lights because it is so bright. But, it will be EXCELLENT for holiday celebrations now.
Love to all,
8^ )

Yuck! The Weather Sucks!

I'm just sitting at my dining room table, listening to the sleet clink on my OLD windows. It appears the weather is getting CRAPPY here. Not going to be a fun afternoon drive into town for work.

This morning has been VERY busy, as usual, for me. Started by getting Cassi ready for school. Got to school and dropped off the PTO stuff at the office. Got a check from one of the Title 1 teachers. She gave us an order for our fundraiser. She totaled her order correctly, but forgot half of the money on her check. I joked with her Friday that, "I knew where she worked!" but told her that Monday would be fine with the other amount. She brought in the check this morning. Because I had totaled up the amount this morning for the deposit and it was already to go, I didn't include her check with the two deposits I did this morning.

I'm happy to see that our fundraiser made over $3k in sales, with about $900 in profit for the school. Even though we only made $900, I'm going to have the school order all the gym goodies for the classes and the portable basketball hoop. This was a quick-hit fundraiser, with good results.

From the school, I went down the street and made the deposits (note to self: take deposit slips to binder). Then, I went to the chocolate company and turned in the order slips. We'll know in a few days how much we owe them. At that point, I'll take the check I've got back to them with the payment. This is so exciting. This was my FIRST fundraiser that I ran pretty much by myself. Yes, my friend, Dan, who's the treasurer also helped, but I did lots of the stuff alone, totaling out each order form, getting the money ready for deposit, making the deposit, dropping off the order forms to the company. But, luckily, the goodies will be back to the school two weeks from today. I'll meet them at 2pm when the goodies arrive.

Then, I came home. I'm sitting now, working on this laptop (with extra keyboard and mouse in hand). I've got to remember to get a number pad for this laptop. That's the only reason why I'm using this extra keyboard. Because I was adding checks in Excel yesterday, I used the keyboard to enter in the numbers. I taught myself to use the 10-key number pad and it REALLY comes in handy when you're trying to enter over 80 checks for adding.

Okay. Gotta go for now. I'm going to go get my roast started cooking. I'm putting it in the rotisserie. Even though I won't be here later, for my class, for Rob to eat before work, I'm going to have dinner ready for him.

Love to all,
8^ )

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Crunch Time

Okay, so this weekend is crunch time. I'm finishing reading my journals for my term paper. I can't believe I got the number whittled down to nine. Professor Mary wanted 5-6, but, because of the complexity of my paper, and the fact that some of my sources are only 2 pages, I'm allowed to have more. So, nine it is! But, that's been whittled down from 45. Believe me, if I was doing a master's paper, I definitely would have enough sources to write a 20 page+ paper. But, since I'm an undergrad, she doesn't want our papers to go more than 7 pages for the body of the paper. Once I'm finished, the entire paper will be about 11 pages. But, I've got to get confirmation from her about adding the sources I need to use about the manufacturers of the whiteboards.

If you've not seen one, an EXCELLENT Web site to visit is: SMART Technologies. They build an interactive whiteboard, called a SMART Board. I just think it's amazing. I can just imagine the grades I would have gotten if these things had been in existence when I was in school. Because of my being visually-oriented when it comes to learning (and teaching to others), these boards would have been GREAT for me.

But, I've also got to come up with a presentation after the paper. AND, I get to use the one we've got in our library at the college for a live presentation. I'm going to get some sample lesson plans from Cassi's school for the presentation. A chief question I know will be, what's the difference between a PowerPoint presentation and this device. I'll be able to show them the difference since a whiteboard allows the students to become the teachers.

On the poetry front, I've got two poems to write for Monday. I've been doing my "rhyming" exercises, coming up with words that will rhyme in my poems. They are form poems, a pantoum and a triolet form. I know, what does that mean to you? Probably not much. But, as soon as I get them written, I'll add them to my creative writing blog.

And with all this going on, where's Rob and Cassi. Rob is currently sleeping, working toward his third day in a row of six at work. Come Wednesday, he'll be off for seven days straight, then it's six on again. Like a mini vacation between a HELLISH shift. Cassi, feeling herself again, went to Pa's for an overnight sleepover. She's still coughing a little, but well enough to go. This is good for me. After I get this posting done, I'll be back to reading. I needed a quick break before continuing.

To all of you whooping it up today, just be careful. You KNOW the police are out there looking for you drinkers.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Just a Geek-alow...

and everywhere I go, I make sound bytes for my cell phone. Yes, folks. I've been geeky tonight. After coming home from the mall, where we found some AWESOME new t-shirts for Rob, I've spent the night, adding ringtones to my cellphone. There are a few of you who have been lucky enough to get your OWN ringtone on my cell.

Anyone interested in knowing? Just ask!

Oh, and by the way, my kid is a daredevil. It's almost time to let her experience the coasters at Cedar Point. At our mall, there is a vendor in the middle of the mall with bungy-cord acrobatic things. Cassi just jumped and jumped and jumped. I've got credits for 3 more. The next time I take her, I will take my digital camera for pictures. I tried with my cell and the photos turned out like CRAP!

Okay. Love to all,
8^ )

Eventful Week

Well, to say the least, it has been an eventful week. Even with being on spring break, lots have happened here at home.

I started the week not having a really good one. Don't want to go into it further. Some yelling and crying on my part. But, I'm better now.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (today), I got to spend time with Rob, helping him around the house. He was doing some scraping of the windows and replacing some of the cracking concrete. Because the weather was BEAUTIFUL Tuesday and Wednesday, we did some working outside. We also WASHED the cars. Yes, for those of you in the Cleveland area, this is why it rained on Wednesday. We washed cars on Tuesday.

Also, on Tuesday, Rob started the process of replacing the light fixture in our dining room. Because of the hole left in the ceiling because it is the ORIGINAL ceiling to the house, we bought an architectural ring and added it between our new light and the ceiling. It looks so nice. As I stated in an earlier post, this is the ceiling fan that we've carried and used in each of our homes from 1998 until now. I would have to say that this will be the final home for the light. It will stay here now. (pictures to follow)

As I told all of you, yesterday was our 10th anniversary. After getting Cassi off to school, Rob and I spent the day together. He gave me a day of beauty. What a LOVING man! He gave me a framed poem for our anniversary. We've seen this poem before, and I actually gave it to him, made by me in a frame last year. This time, he gave it to me. The poem is "I'd Marry You Again" by Anne Peterson. Here is the poem:

I'd Marry You Again

With tiny tears that glistened,
my eyes were fixed on you,
and thinking of the life we'd
share we softly said, "I do."

Our hearts were knit together
from the time that we first met,
and memories were gathered
that we never will forget.

While daily living life with you,
you saw the real in me,
and still you chose acceptance,
a loving mystery.

With many happy times gone by
and others when we cried,
some days we'd share so endlessly,
while other days we'd hide.

With all the ups and downs
we've had in learning to be friends,
I know that in this heart of mine,
I'd marry you again.

- Anne Peterson

This is my all-time favorite poem. The framing of this is beautiful too. I've got some space on my wall in the living where it's going to go. I've been waiting to get a large clock to put in this space. But, after two years, it's time to put something there. There's this framed picture and one he gave me two years ago. Plus, I've got some other rose pictures I need to finish blackening and print them for some frames I've got to add with this grouping. Will get photos when I'm finished.

Last night, we had dinner at Olive Garden. We had gift cards from our bank for the parent company of Olive Garden. Of the restaurants available to use the cards, this location was the best because we had Cassi with us, and this restaurant has the best choice of food for her. We used the entire amount of our cards, with some left over for the server for a tip, which she gladly accepted.

Last night, after getting home and putting our cable back on, an emergency broadcast flashes across the TV screen stating we were in a torando warning. And, to top it off, the tornado was sighted just where we had come from, Rt. 90 and Rt. 57, just five minutes up the street from us. I know we were outside about that time and the sky was absolutely BLACK. And, I know I heard a loud boom about the time they announced the issue. Come to find out that a florist/landscaping company that was right in the path of the tornado suffered over 250k in damages. We drove by today. What a mess!

Also, Marie, my WONDERFUL sister, calls today and reminds me to call my dad. Some people had lost electric last night. You see, my dad is a MAJOR worrier. He worries about everything and everyone. That's just the way he is. But, it was a good thing I called him. Cassi was getting ready for school. I was actually starting to get my coat on to go down the street when I called him. He says to me, "Hey. Isn't Cassi off school today?" "Hmm? Have no clue. I haven't watched the news yet."

Well, Cassi ended up with no school today because of no electricity. When we went up the street this morning, and thinking about it this afternoon, I figured out why. The main administration building must have been without the electric, which operates the computer network, phones, etc. If they're out, everyone's out. Hmmm, we'll have to see if their Easter break is cancelled. It just might be now for the number of days out for the weather.

So, today was a fun day in the neighborhood. Cassi craves for constant attention and activity. Rob and I finished the ceiling fan today. It looks gorgeous. But, we also took our Orek vaccuum (definitely worth the investment) for its annual maintenance and had to pick up some new light bulbs for the light part of the unit. I can't believe how much light is available in the great room now.

But, now, Rob is getting ready for work. For this month, he's working six days on and eight days off every two weeks. The first day off after working six days, he'll probably sleep most of the day away. He'll be getting a short vacation every other week. After he goes, I'm going to take Cassi out to play and I'll work on my term paper for tech writing. I'm also probably going to start writing the paper too, even if it's just notes.

Now that spring break is coming to an end, I've got to get any homework done for next week as I start back to the grind on Monday. And, with Rob now working the next six days, Cassi will go to Pa's next week Monday - Wednesday. She's also getting to go over this weekend on Saturday to Sunday. She'll get the opportunity to ice skating on Saturday and see her favorite guard, Nick. He's actually and very good looking 20-something year old.

Okay. That's it for now. I've got to get my stuff together to take to BK for her to play.

Love to all,
8^ )

My Honeymoon...

oh, yeah. No. Just our 10th Anniversary! It was an AWESOME DAY! I'll just give some highlights. I've got some PTO stuff to do this morning. But, I felt like it was my honeymoon.

Rob and I started by getting Cassi off to school. We went to breakfast together at Denny's. Then, he took me to get my hair cut and got it cut and permed instead. (pictures to follow) We ended the afternoon with my getting my nails done.

While at the hair dresser, he stepped out and got me a gift for our anniversary. I'll also share this later.

We stopped at the house before going down to Cassi's school. Spent about 45 minutes working on getting fundraiser stuff ready to be processed. He helped me sort through the envelopes and such.

I can't believe how much I still love it. It's been a long journey for us. 10 years. I DEFINITELY cannot see my life without him. He's so supportive and loving to me. I had a rough start this week and he helped me through it.

Ok. That's it for now. Gotta get Cassi off to school.

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. Where did the SNOW come from?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where Did Our WARM Weather Come From?

Did someone like us today? Guess so because it was 71 degrees today. Very nice to do outdoor stuff. Cassi still has a few coughs but is back to school and is as well as can be expected.

We got to wash our cars today. Whoo Hoo! Clean cars. Got to open up a couple windows today! AND, hubby man is working to change the light in the dining room side of our great room from just a light to the ceiling fan we've had since 1998. It's travelled with us to every home we've lived in since buying it. There's a whole story in this. Won't go into it now because I've got some dishes to do and a few things to take to the basement before hubby gets home.

He got to go out this evening to the lodge. Like my Grandpa Dave, he is a member of a Mason Lodge in Amherst. I think it's good that he's getting out and meeting some new guys and seeing some old friends that he knows there.

Gotta go. I promise to write more, maybe Thursday. Tomorrow is our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

Love to all,
8^ )

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

Okay. I'm just as excited as all the college students right now who are awaiting the announcements of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. For those of you who watch every year, this is MARCH MADNESS. I'm waiting to see if Drexel University gets into the show. As some of you might know, earlier in my life, I attended Drexel University for the first year of my college life. At that time, I worked in the Sports Information Office and got to help out with the Men's Basketball team. The guys thought of me as their "little sister." One, because I was shorter than they were and two, I was younger than they age-wise.

Good luck to all the teams who make it. They're announcing the West Division right now. I'm still tied with the teams from the East Coast, even though I've been in Ohio since 1993.

Gotta go!

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. 6:37 pm. That SUCKS! Drexel didn't get it. But, as they just said Syracuse didn't get in either. I feel bad for both teams. But, we'll see how the games go.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well, Not Much to Say

It's been a pretty quiet few days here at the homestead. I haven't been able to do much since Cassi has been sick. We went to the doctor yesterday. The answer: she has a virus, something that is going around to all the kids in her school. I know at least one of the little girls in her class was sick because mom is now sick too (she's on the PTO with me). But, Cassi was prescribed some cough syrup to help break up the congestion.

We went to the pharmacy and they couldn't fill the prescription because her doctor put down "1 bottle" but not an amount in ounces. But, in replacement, she can take Dimetapp DM. Yep, she thinks the medicine is yucky. The yucky medicine will help her get better because it's usually the yucky medicine that works the best.

I ended up not going to my poetry class on Wednesday. Thursday, there was only 3 of us in class for Tech Writing. We REALLY got some personal support from Professor Mary. We left at 7:30, a little earlier than usual.

But, next week is my Spring Break. Not much of a break, though. I've got all my reading to do and notes to take for my paper. Then, I've got some poetry to write. I think I've actually been down in the dumps this week that's put me in a writer's block.

Then, this week is the closing of our Easter Fundraiser. Hopefully, we'll make the right amount in sales. The money is going to some good things for the school.

Finally, Wednesday is our wedding anniversary. It's been 10 years. We're going to go out to dinner for our anniversary. We got some gift cards in the mail to use. Can't wait. Because the anniversary is on Wednesday, and we want to do it that night, we'll take Cassi with us.

Okay. Gonna go for now. Marie suggested I look at the BBC for some of my research. I'm always looking for more.

Love to all,
8^ )

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not a Winner...

Okay. So, I wasn't the winner, or even A winner in the lottery. I know my problem. It's because I NEED the money. I've got friends who say, because I NEED the money, I'll never see it. Of course, if I had won, I would have been subject to the "lottery curse." Not heard of it? Well, from what I've read and seen on TV, most people who win the lottery don't think responisbly with the money. In short order, the money is gone, and, in some cases, the winners get into trouble with the law.

Now, can you see me running afoul of the law? Oh, no! It's Cathy, and SHE'S ON THE RUN!

Nope. Not ever gonna happen. Not like a lovely brother-in-law that I've got. THE CRIMINAL! Well, an update: 1. He's in jail for violating his probation for a drug violation (he tried to get 150 oxycodone's instead of 15 by changing the prescription from his doctor). 2. He's in jail for stealing from his most current employer (safecracking F-4, tampering with evidence F-3, and theft M-1) for which he has entered a plea of not-guilty. 3. Because he has never given child enforcement a current address, his criminal case for child support has come back to haunt him (tried to catch him with skip tracing and was caught).

I just KNOW I'll never be bad like this. Plus, the only bad thing I've done in the last 8 years is not completely stop at a stop sign! Ahhh! Cathy, you're so bad! Yep, it's criminal I tell you.

Boy, this post definitely went where I hadn't expected it, but, I enjoyed the writing. It was fun.

But, Cassi is home sick today. Her voice goes in and out, coughing, and fever. She so wanted to go to school today. Today is reading buddies day. Being in first grade, she is partnered with a fourth grader to help her learn to read. Well, her buddy's name is: Cassi. The same name as Cassi. So, I explained to Cassi this morning that she shouldn't go to school because she doesn't want to get her buddy, Cassi, sick too. She agreed. She's currently playing on my desktop in the office.

I've done dishes this morning. Because the bread was a hit on Sunday, I'm going to make another loaf today. Can't wait until it's done. That soft, warm bread. Okay. Gotta get up now to get it ready to bake.

Love to all,
8^ )

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let's Hear the AAAAAA's!

School continues on a good note this week. This evening, much to my husband's and friend's forgetfulness, is my Technical Writing class that runs from 6pm to 8pm. Because this week is mid-term, Professor Mary wanted to make sure all the grades that she needs for me are posted in her grade book.

As it stands so far, not including the homework due this evening, we've had five writing assignments and a journal. The journal was for credit only, have I done it or not. Then, the first writing assignment was worth 5 points and the rest 25 points. I've got back so far three of the five papers. The 5-point paper was 5 out of 5. The other two papers were both 24 out of 25 points. So, so far, I've got an A in this class too.

Today, we really got into preparing writings for our term paper. As it stands, this class does not have any exams. The class will be graded based on our papers up until now, the journal, the term paper, and an oral presentation based on the term paper. A bonus for me is that my term paper is about interactive whiteboards. Because the school has two in the library, for my presentation, I'll be able to use the whiteboard for my presentation to show how the technology is effective for use in the classrooms.

But, for this evening, we needed to type up a memo, in a memo format, explaining why we chose the subject that we did and where we are at with the research. Boy do I have MUCH to read! Even though next week is Spring Break for me, I'm COMPLETELY busy.

So, here is the memo:

To: Professor Murray
From: Cathryn (removed)
Date: March 6, 2007
Re: Research to Date

How are Interactive Whiteboards effective in the K-12 classroom?

With all of the technology being introduced into the grade school environment, research needs to be done to determine if education technology is effective. Of all the technology being introduced, interactive whiteboards have been touted as the most effective technology in teaching children. The question is, however, how are interactive whiteboards effective in the K-12 classroom?
This research paper will allow readers to be presented with facts on the background of interactive whiteboards, including their history, configurations, and costs. Because interactive whiteboards are used not only in the U.S., research results will be included from countries like Great Britain, Japan, and Singapore. This paper should allow the conclusion that interactive whiteboards should be used in all classrooms in helping get students actively involved in their education.

There are many sources of information to support these findings. To date, research includes more than 40 peer-reviewed journal entries. The amount of research has resulted in many concrete findings that will support the views that interactive whiteboards are effective in these classrooms.

Then, in class this evening, we were paired up based on undergrad or grad. We were to read each other's memos and work on a possible table of contents for our papers. Then, as an exercise, Mary suggested writing a summary paragraph that might be used in the paper. I showed my paragraph. My partner says to me, "I can't believe how logical you thinking is. This is very good." I told him back that I have always been told I was a logical thinker. "I've thought this way for years." Then, he told me to pass my writing along to another pair of ladies in class. They told Mary they were having trouble with the exercise. Then, we took a break. I told them to think of the writing like newspaper writing. The concept is the same, with the most important information at the top, in an inverted pyramid. Maybe this will help. I told them, even though I've got all my research done for the paper, I've not read ANY of the printouts. The information in my summary paragraph was information I know about my topic from history. At one time I interviewed with a company to teach people how to use interactive whiteboards, which, as you can tell I didn't get that job. But, I digress.

Plus, I was watching Headline News last night and learned information that I gave to one of my classmates to help her with her paper. She told me that I was doing her research because her paper has to do with BMI (body mass index). So, I had told her about what's been going on in New Jersey and what she found out about Viriginia about the schools grading the kids on their BMIs. Why shouldn't I pass along the information if I knew about it? I've learned to share.

Right now, it's about 10:20 and Cassi is finally sick. I don't think she'll be going to school tomorrow, but I have to go to her school because I've got a meeting with the principal and the PTO treasurer. She's been really good this year about not getting sick. But, she is pushing to go. We'll see.

I'm going to close for now. I'm going to try to write a poem before bed.

Love to all,
8^ )

The Lottery?

Yep, I'm just like the THOUSANDS of other people, looking to cash in on that 370 MILLION for tonight's Mega Millions Lottery. Heck, I'll even share that with a number of people. I would take a couple million, just enough to pay off my bills, mom's & dad's bills, and Marie's bills. Then, I could finish school in my own time and then get a job. Yep, I would still want to work because I need to keep busy.

And, can you believe it? It's snowing again this evening. After coming home from school, the road looked dry, but in reality was slick from the little bit of snow that had come down.

Love to all,
8^ )

Monday, March 05, 2007

Thoughts and Other Things

Hey, I've not posted in a few days. That doesn't mean I haven't had anything to say, it's just that what I said went directly to my journal. I was ranting and ranted there instead of here.

Here's the short-short version of this weekend: 1. Rob's car died on the highway on the way home from work Friday. We had to get it towed 2 miles to the dealership, by the way, that we purchased the car from and was the closest. The car is going to cost $700 to fix because it needs a new water pump and timing belt. 2. While out with Cassi in the backseat, she decides to vandalize my seat fabric by poking holes in the seat with a pencil. So, she lost her chance at going to a sleepover birthday party. 3. I had to finish memorizing my poem for today's midterm exam for which I got an A (more info to follow). 4. Mom and Dad's 35th Anniversary was yesterday. They came over and had dinner with us. (again more to follow on this one too).

Right now, this is the only homework I seem to be doing. I've got a memo to write as my homework for tomorrow's class. Cassi and I are home alone this evening, without a car. Rob's car won't be back to us until Friday. He's at work and my dad brought us home from his house after I got done work.

I've also got lots of PTO stuff to do this evening. I'm trying to get our group more organized. Yes, I learned to by anal and VERY organized. The group really needs to be more "with it." Plus, I've got a new round of letters to put together and get out to the parents of the students who still owe money to the PTO. I wished I had been involved with the fundraiser they did this past fall because I would not have done a "post pay," that is allow people to order and NOT turn in orders without money. We are still trying to collect over $400 from parents. As far as I'm concerned, these people are criminals because they have stolen products they have not paid and probably do not intend to pay. If they intended to pay for them, they would have done so 6 months ago! Sorry, just very PISSED about the whole situation. As long as I'm in charge, there will NEVER be a "post pay" fundraiser again.

But, we've got a meeting this week. Next week, the fundraiser we're doing now is finishing up. Our goal is $10K in sales. If we do, we'll make $3K in profit that is being used for the school. I've really been enjoying the whole fundraising process and helping the kids.

Plus, I'm working on getting our next newsletter together that will go out on Friday or Monday next week.

Oooh, next week is my Spring Break. But, not much of a Spring Break. The only good thing that will happen next week is my wedding anniversary. On March 14, I will be married to Rob for 10 YEARS! I can't believe it's been this long.

But, I did promise to talk about a few things that were in the numbers above. Midterm: I had to recite my poem twice as I choked at the last four lines. But, when they came around to me to do it again, I started from the beginning and was able to remember the whole thing. I had typed my poem onto 5x8 index cards and color-coded the lines. My professor said she could see me "seeing" the cards in my mind. It was something that I was able to memorize the poem in a week and remember what the cards looked like because of the colors. I think that's why I had such a good memory growing up and going to school. I was able to remember things in a book, even if I hadn't READ the entire chapter because I remembered where things were in the book from the pictures and things around the text. It still works! Oh, yeah! I got an A!

Anniversary: Well, yesterday was my mom's & dad's anniversary. They've been married 35 years. They originally met on a blind date in Hoboken, NJ. Incidentally, I will be 36 in June! But, they came over. I made roast chicken, taters, corn, and home-made bread. Everyone enjoyed dinner very much. I enjoyed making the dinner. I really enjoyed making the bread. Even though I cheated and used the machine, it was fun putting it together and eating it in the end. I'll have to remember I've got about 20 pounds of bread flour left. I'll have to keep making bread. Plus, after about 10 minutes of prep, it did its own thing and baked for the three hours. Cassi ate like a PIG. I guess because Pa was here, Cassi couldn't put her silverware down!

But, today was the usual. I've been having my withdrawn period for the past few days. I know why after this morning, as all of us women know. I'm REALLY tired right now. I think I'll probably go to bed early this evening.

Okay. I'm gonna go. I'm going to put this binder together and get my PTO stuff done. I still have tomorrow morning to get my homework done for class.

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Meeting with the Career Services Coordinator

Anita is a HOOT! I REALLY like her. I'm hoping that we can continue our friendship after I'm done school. Yes, I'm mentioning that now, even though I'll be in school for a while, but that time will go by FAST.

So, she was a little late because she had to give a presentation this morning before our meeting. No problem. I had to do my bills. That was the work I brought with me to do while I was waiting. The director of the department walked by. Because of the work I did for his department last semester (laid out ads in the newspaper), he directed me to work with Anita. So, I have a friendly relationship with him. He walks by and notices my checkbook out.

"Hey, if you're writing checks, I'll take one too!"

"Nope. No checks here. I do all my bills online. I might write 1-2 checks a month."

"Awww!" then laughs on his way back to his office.

So, first, she asked me about my experiences with the career fair that was last Friday. I told her the people at the National City Bank table were all RUDE. If they wanted to be the way they were, they shouldn't have come. She told me to apply to them inspite of the problem I had.

I explained to her about the wardrobe malfunction. Her eyes were wide, mouth open...

Then laughed. And agreed it was a good thing I had that jacket or my day would have been over to which I agreed completely.

I told her about my experiences with the Cleveland Clinic, NASA, MCPc, and PolyOne. She thinks I'm in a good area with all of them. I've got some work to do tomorrow. Then, I explained to her about the meeting with the folks at Hyland Software. I also showed her the email I sent to one of the recruiters I met back in November. She suggested to me to call them on Monday. If I get nothing then to move on and not even consider them. If they can't call you back, they're not worth my time.

She suggested to me to apply with all the big banks here, even doing customer service related jobs. Just something to get money and something to keep me busy. Also, she suggested this would be a good way to "get my foot in the door" and show them what an asset I can be to their company. I then showed her my hearing aides and asked about problems I might encounter doing jobs like customer service where I would be on a phone continually over the course of the day. She just told me to put on my applications that I would need to be considered with assistance because of my hearing issues. They can't not hire me because of my hearing problems.

She had brought something up to me that I had wondered all along. Because I have had problems getting a job, one of the theories I've had has been that I've got so much experience that recuiters are nervous by my experience. But, now that I'm getting my degree to help with that extensive experience, it should help.

She wants me to let her know who I apply to and where I apply to them. Because the school has a career Web site, I can apply to companies directly through them. If I get no answer, to immediately let her. She is bound and determined that I get a job for the summer.

She told me how these recruiters are calling and complaining that they are not getting good candidates from the college. Well, if they continue to say that, and I've applied, they're ready to sit on the phone with them and confront them. With my great GPA, which she laughed at when I told her it went down to 3.38, and all my experience, I should have no reason NOT to get a job.

She said to me that it dawned on her just after I left the career fair Friday that these recruiters might be threatened with my experience because I might have MORE experience than they have! You might think?

So, after being with her for 45 minutes, we closed up. I told her about my possible upcoming opportunities for additional technology education. I'm trying to get into a training class that will be held by Cassi school system on the use of the SMART Board. Because I once applied to train people how to use them, AND because her school is using them, it would benefit me and them to get trained, even if I have to pay to go to the training. I don't see the training happening before August. The bonus to them, or any other school would be if I learn to use the boards, I would be able to put it on my resume as experience. This would give me a better chance at substitute teaching positions, especially in a school system that uses the boards.

So, come tomorrow, I've got LOTS to do: 1. memorization, 2. job searching, 3. lunch with Cassi.

I'm gonna close now. I think I've said my peace for this evening, even though I didn't tell you about my weird dream this morning.

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. Also, I told Anita how when I originally made the appointment, the girl taking the appointment told me I couldn't see Anita because of my major. I had to see (name here) who does English Majors. Well, I stopped this girl right in her tracks when I told her I'd been working with Anita for the past year and the department director, Paul Klein, told me to work with her. That shut the girl right up. I have the right to see whoever I want!

Good Off Time

I'm sitting in the library for my Tech Writing class. The professor told me I could go about a half hour ago, because she was confident I had enough research documents for my paper. As it stands now, I've got 33 out of 45 research documents. Not bad for just a few days research.

But, I figured I would give Cassi her Pa-time. And, she wanted a bath at Pa's this evening. So, I said I would wait until class was over.

So, here I sit. I've retyped my one paper for next Tuesday. If we don't get perfect grades on the papers, we get the opportunity to rewrite them and make necessary changes. I'll look at it again to make sure I've got everything covered before turning it in.

I got Cassi's copy of the fundraiser. Pa & Nana already ordered. Professor Mary ordered too. I'm excited. I'm going to bring the flyer with me to class on Monday and Tuesday next week to see if anyone from class wants to order.

This morning, I cam to school and met with my career services coordinator. She is such a hoot. I told Rob my appointment was at 11. But, I would take Cassi to school and go right to school myself (hmm, there's that school word again!). So, half way to my school, he calls,

"Are you coming home?"

"Um. No. I'm already into Cuyahoga County and half way to school. I told you I was going right to school. I've brought stuff to do in case Anita can't see me right away. But, as soon as I'm done, I'll call you and come right home. I'll get you something to eat before I leave again and you go to work."


Got home. Made lunch/dinner for us.

This evening, just as class is starting, he calls me, at 6pm.

"Are you done yet?"

"No. I just started. Remember, it's Thursday and class is from 6-8."

I swear, if I didn't tell him what day it was, he wouldn't remember. It's a good thing I've got a 4-month calendar on the wall to tell him when he's working. But, that's what happens when he works night shift, as a matter of fact, the 7-7 graveyard shift.

Okay. Gotta go for now. I'll talk about my career services meeting after I get home.

Love to all,
8^ )