Friday, September 28, 2007

Can't Believe I'm Not Obsessing...

Ever since I announced the change in Rob's cell phone number, I have barely looked at the Verizon Wireless bill. Before, with him chatting with HER, I was continually looking at the bill. On the site, you would be able to tell when the last msg was. And, because her number was "out of network," I knew how many messages were for her and his daughter (both out of network).

But, now I don't have to do that at all.

Plus, I waited about two weeks for him to remove her phone number from his phone. When he didn't remove it, I did. If he looked, he probably realized I did it, but didn't ask.

He married me!


(Psst! And I am IN love with him still too! Even after 10 and a half years!)

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

You Know You're old WHEN...

Your favorite music shows up on the local "oldies" channel.

Yes, lately, here in Cleveland, I've been surfing the radio stations. When I'm not listening to my iPod, I'm listening to the radio. Say what you will, but sometimes, the radio is just an easy way to get some good music.

In the mornings, the oldies channel is basically a talk-radio show. I like to listen to it. So, it's saved in my favorites.

Other than that, it's all oldies music. However, the past two weeks, it seems every time I switch to that channel, it's got my 80's music on. And not just early 80's. I've heard stuff as late as 87.

Okay, does this mean I'm old? Yes, I'll tell everyone my age. I'm 36! And DAMNED PROUD of it too!

And, yes, there's a lot spewing from me this evening and yesterday. I'm being ambitious and getting a few things done this evening.

Tomorrow, I'm going downtown to the CSU. I'm meeting someone from class to study for the grammar exam. This is easy for me, but she's having trouble. Then, I have research to do for Tuesday. In my Composition Theory class, I have to get a book for a book review and research for my paper.

So, this evening, I'm working on:

laundry (in progress)
dishes (in washer)
fold laundry (later)
process fundraiser orders (later)
sweep hardwood floors because I ran out of swiffer pads (later)
work on online store for my creative products (when I'm done here)

Okay, gonna go for now. I'm about to start working on my online store. FYI...If you go to my link, there's a link there for the online store. The online store is at But, you'll find my Creatively Cathy products easier if you go through the link.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Trucks and Cars (and Cars and Trucks)...

Why can't people driving cars realize that the TRUCK will win every time????!!!!!

This week, I saw on the highway, the same highway both times, where car (or cars) and a truck got into an accident.

The first time, Rob and I were coming back from the doctor's office Tuesday morning. We were in the fast lane and the highway was packed with cars. A truck was in the slow lane and could not get over. As a car was coming onto the highway, the driver ignored the YIELD sign and tried to beat out the truck.

It lost! And got smashed by the truck! Luckily, the driver didn't get hurt, just the car. But, the truck took almost a half mile to stop and pull over.

Today, as I was flying home from school to get Cassi, I saw in the middle of the highway (grassy area) two cars who appeared to be in an accident. One of those cars just happened to be a Jag. But, on the other side of the highway, in the right burm, was a semi. There was also three police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck.


You WILL NEVER win against a truck! SLOW DOWN!

That is all! Off the soap box now.

My hubby drove a semi in a past life. They can't stop a truck or speed up a truck like a car can. This can scare the SHIT out of them. And, if you're not careful, you will be CRUSHED by that semi!

Lots of love and safety to all,
8^ )

Creative Help from Blogging Friends

Okay, need some help from blogging friends! I'm setting up templates to create party invitations. I'm working on my Web site's online store and want to have designs ready so people could purchase one's I've already created. But, I've got creative block. In the comments, can you share with me events that you would receive a party invitation for?

Obvious ones:

1. wedding invitation
2. wedding shower
3. baby shower
4. new house
5. halloween
6. new year's



Lots of love to all,
8^ )

7:45pm Update:

Here are what I've come up with (plus from my anonymous friend):

New Year's
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Good Bye
Congratulations (for whatever)
Tea Party
Wedding Shower
Baby Shower
New House

(from friend)
Anniversaries (gold and silver, but I would say anniversaries in general)
Child's BDay
Pot Luck
Super Bowl
BBQ (got that)

I want a good sampling of about 5-10 for each. I figure if I get 5 for each, and someone wants custom, I've got a good starting point. Thought of my list above while I was waiting for class to start today.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Posting in a While...

Sorry, guys that I haven't posted in a while. Here's a run-down in no particular order:

1. Last week I had 2 MAJOR exams in my classes. Everyone wanted to make me move out I was so stressed over my one exam. The grammar exam I received a 98 out of 100 on that test. This class has become boring for me because it seems so easy. The Composition Theory for English Teachers, no grade yet. I was out today for getting Cassi's cast removed at the doctor.

2. I had 2 MAJOR writing assignments due in my Grant class. The first one I got a 10 out of 10, which keeps me at A, but the second assignment I didn't write very well. I think I wrote too much. But, I think everyone wrote it wrong. We are working on writing our need statement for the grants we are writing.

3. This week, the fundraiser was turned in. I've got a few orders processed. A few more came in today, but I'm waiting until next week to ship them all off to Chicago. Our next PTO meeting? Oct. 10.

4. I'm still working on goodies to sell at my first craft show. When's my first show? Check the next posting. All my craft shows will be listed there.

5. Helped Rob the past 2 weeks in putting a new shed together. He pulled the old shed apart, down to the studs and put new plywood and roof on. We're finishing the painting now.

6. Helped Rob get the dining room table out to the garage. He is currently working on sanding it down to refinish it. The goal is to get it done by Thanksgiving for a nice dinner with family here at the house.


8. Housework, HOUSEWORK, HOUSEWORK!!!!!!!!

9. Keeping our schedules in line and what days I need Dan to watch Cassi

10. Doing homework EVERYDAY with Cassi.

Somewhere, sometime, get some sleep!

I knew this semester was going to be bad. I just hope it's a little easier for my final semester before graduation.

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. I'm not writing very much because writing a journal isn't a requirement in my 2 English classes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

He FINALLY Listened to Me...

He changed his cell phone number!

Yes, that ONE change restored my confidence in my husband. He FINALLY understood what I was trying to tell him all these many months.

I'll backtrack a little. Last weekend, Rob was off work Saturday through Tuesday. He was working to get our outside shed fixed. When we bought this house, the shed was in disrepair. There was a hole in the roof and the sides were rotting away.

We finally had the opportunity to change the shed. Rob was able to save the internal structure (the studs), removing the outside, and rebuilding the outside shell. Sunday night I had had a bad night's sleep. I think it was because I helped him Sunday with the hard part of putting the plywood onto the shell. I helped him with the cutting and boarding.

Well, Monday, I start a new week at school. Monday, Rob asks for my help again with the shed to get it done as quickly as possible. By this point, the shed is all done, except for the doors. This was the HARD part for me.

While we were working, I happened to be nosy on his phone. He had sent her a message saying to not text him. He was off until Wednesday. One of our agreements was that he got no messages at home. Still not my solution, but worked.

I was so mad that I again wasn't able to sleep. (Marie, this is why I had two CRAPPY nights sleep.)

Wednesday night comes. We're texting each other. The conversation kinda goes like this:

Me: Can you do me a favor?
Him: What?
Me: Can you watch what you say to her?
Him: I will.
Me: You know she's trying everything she can to talk with you and spend time with you because she wants you.
Him: I know.
Me: She wants to be with you. She's in love with you.
Him: You're right.
Me: But you tend to ignore what I say to you on this subject.

That was it. I was very logical about the whole situation. Not emotional, not pissy. Just plain, matter-of-fact. No messages exchanged Wednesday night.

Thursday night, Cassi and I helped start paint the shed. I looked on his phone and saw she texted him. I told him. He must have known how absolutely upset I was. He didn't reply back.

Friday morning. She did it again. And, again he didn't reply back. He even told me she sent him a message Friday morning while talking this morning.

This morning, he comes home and looks at the Verizon Wireless bill online. He starts looking at what his setup is and says he can go back to the $10 a month for texting (Marie, this is your $5 plan). He says, I wanted to see about getting my phone number changed. We'll go over to the store before I go to bed because I can't do this online. We'll change the number and the texting plan at the same time.

He didn't say anything else to me.

I said to him, "Thank you."

I said to him that he could go lower because his daughter had to have her phone turned off. The only messages he would be getting and receiving would be from me (and maybe Marie).

Do you know how much of a relief this is to my mind? I think he's understanding how upset I've gotten over the whole thing and found a resolution to solve it.

She doesn't have our home number (changed a few times this summer). She does know where we live. If she's that brazen to come to my home, she's crazier than I thought.

Then, to top it off, Rob may be stopping his part-time job. I explained to him how he could make just as much at his regular job doing less hours. Because he gets overtime, he could work one 12-hour day and make as much in that one day as two days at the part-time job. And, the overtime is there for him at work. Next week, he's working one day. But, for the next pay after, he's got three so far. And, he really likes working on this surgical floor. It's a lot to know, but the management is MUCH better.

So, this keeps him away from where she works too.

It appears being logical and practical does have its rewards.

Ok. That's it for now. I'm working on studying for my exams next week. I've got one in-class and one take home. I just napped because I was tired. This will keep me awake for some time this evening. But, I'll be able to do my exam.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Official....

Today, I turned in my application for graduation!

I will graduate in Spring, 2008 (May). Wish me luck! Once completed, I will have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Professional Writing Certificate.

Lots of love,


8^ )

P.S. I would post more, but I've got to finish eating lunch and head to class.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today = Crappy!

Well, today did start being crappy. I had a crappy night's sleep. I woke up at 5 because I had to potty. I think I got the most "sleep" from that time till the alarm went off at 7:30 am. I woke up with a migraine that just won't go away, even with medicine. Crap! I'm all out of my migraine medicine. Need more!

I looked up where a certain English professor was this morning. I've got to call him about doing an internship in the spring. That way, I can take 2 classes and 1 internship, much better!

Got Cassi up and ready for school. There's so much going on inside of my mind. Personal things, school things, and PTO things. Remember, even though I've got PTO things, many of the PTO things are related to one of my classes. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

So, I took Cassi down to school. Crap! I need to take my car to get gas, otherwise, I'm not leaving Elyria!

Came back from doing my PTO needs this morning: copying and getting phone lists to the PTO members (we've got 7 of us this year!), copies of the by-laws for Sam's Club and the bank. I'll get a Sam's Club card for the PTO. And, write out a check to give to Guidance Counselor for motivational book. Approved by the group.

Got home and made my phone call to Professor Geither and Career Services. I've got a meeting with Career Services on Friday. This will really be good to get the internship for the spring. OK. Two phone calls done today.

The day is getting better. Dan came over. Since it's raining, Rob and Dan are playing in the garage on wood working stuff. They are going to try to put together a lazy susan with pine for practice. They'll make nice Christmas gifts if they can get a template together. We took pictures of one the last time we were in Amish country (south of here).

Rob is working to get our dining room table sanded down and refinished for Thanksgiving this year. I think it will look beautiful. Plus, we finally got chairs ordered for the table. Yippie! We purchased the stain they are putting on the chairs for the table so they all match.

I went out to the garage and got some breakfast buddies. A little hungry. A breakfast buddie is like a corn dog, but made with pancakes and sausage. A hit with Dan and me.

Must be the weather because my headache won't go away! But, the day is getting better. I found, not just one, but two cans of caffeine free Coke in the fridge. I was just saying to Rob last night how I was craving Pepsi. This works just as well.

I've got to go to mom's today before class. I've got to setup the new printer for grandpa. And, mom wants her comforter for the bed. Good enough. I'll leave about 1 as it won't take long at all to get it together.

Ok. Gotta go for now. I have some homework to do before class and homework due for my grant writing class.

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. Cassi is now in a cast. There's no plaster in it. She can get it wet, go swimming, etc. The water just comes right out. The fiberglass mesh is glow in the dark with teddy bears. I'll get a picture later and post it. OH, yeah! Her cast comes of around the 27th.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Anatomy of a Typical "Cathy" Day...

Wednesday, I exhibited my typical "Cathy" day. This is how it will probably be for until Christmas.

7:30 am - alarm went off. I hit the snooze. I hit the snooze a second time 9 minutes later.

7:45 am - hubby sends text message saying "good morning." Shit, it's already time to get up. My brain is working.

Get Cassi's stuff for school ready. Get Cassi up. Get Cassi dressed because she has a fractured left wrist and can't really "do" for herself.

Take shower. With all that running around, I'm getting a little sweatty.

Get dinner started (roast in the crock pot that turned out to be 3 roast-steaks packed together). Get a cup of coffee started (REALLY need the caffeine this morning).

8:55 am - take Cassi to school and hang out for assembly. They are having an assembly with the company being used for our fall fundraiser.

9:30 am - assembly. Have all 300+ kids in the gym. Hmm. Getting a little sweatty here. Come to find out we are allowing the kids to start selling today. This gives them 3 weeks and 1 day to sell and get everything back. Gotta go home and make labels for the letters from the company noting this change. Gotta get back here to pass out all the handouts (letters and brochures) to all the kids before I go to school.

10 am - go home. Make labels. Change shirt as I have been sweatting from the heat. It's sticky today.

10:15 am - get back to school with letters and labels. Stick labels on 320 letters and cross out bad date on letters. Take the boxes of brochures, along with letters to each room and hand out. Oh good. It's lunch time. I'll be able to drop off in each room and not disturb the teachers.

12:10 pm - all done passing out everything. I missed one class directly because the room is locked. Will have to leave it in her mailbox at the office. Gotta go home and completely change. I REALLY sweatted from this walk through the school. I REALLY need a job here as it seems I'm here EVERY day.

12:30 pm - zip to school. Class starts at 1:30 pm, Grammar. Call Marie along the way. Wasn't sure if she was still working or not. Oh, good. She's not working but on her way home. I get to talk to her until I am just about to downtown Cleveland.

1:30 pm - start class. Damn. I don't know how to diagram sentences. I guess I'll know after this class.

2:40 pm - fly from school back to Cassi's school. Cassi gets done school at 3:05 pm. Luckily Dan is there and can grab her. We've got a PTO meeting today. Does my life get any easier? Rob still sleeping.

3:05 pm - get back to Elyria and her school.

3:30 pm - have PTO meeting. Lasts until 4:30 pm. Ooh. Good! I can make up some taters for Rob to have din din before I go to my night class. Do I get to rest? No!

5:30 pm - go to class. One small problem. I'm in the right class, on the wrong floor! I gave the ladies in the class something to talk about after I leave. Man, am I dippy?!

7:00 pm - done school. go to Dan's. go home get tools for Dans. go to Dan's.

8:00 pm - come home. relax. watch Brother Bear 2 with Cassi. Have a snack. Go to bed. Have some sex. Have another snack and watch TV. Go to bed (12:30 am).

Wake up this morning at 7:10 am to a headache. Today will be equally as crazy as yesterday. Starts out with the Orthopedic appt for Cassi.

Love to all,
8^ )

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MY First Week of School...

First, let me back date. On Saturday (Aug 25), I received my student loan refund check in the mail. I need the money to purchase my parking card (not free in Cleveland) and my books. Along with my check is an envelope from Financial Aid at the school.

So, okay. What the heck do I need to do now?

Nope. Nothing I need to do. Something I did that will help me IMMENSELY. I received a scholarship for my books.

No, not just this semester. But Spring 08 as well. So, when I went to get the books, they tell me I have no limit on my scholarship. Whatever is required of me in textbooks I get to buy on this scholarship. I was able to purchase ALL my books brand new (one was used because all were used). My total cost that I didn't have to pay for was $350. Pretty good, eh? I ended up purchasing the book being used in the other section of the Grant Writing class; the original section I was in, but was on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, my goal is to graduate Spring 2008. I've got 6 classes left this year. This means I have to buckle down and take full-time credits. The bonus is that I get extra grant money from financial aid. The minus is that I don't get to sleep as much. Because, along with 3 classes is also my duties as President of PTO.

So, this semester, my schedule consists of English Grammar (ENG 310), Composition Theory for Instructors (ENG 308 in case I want to become a teacher), and Grant Writing and Proposal Development (UST 410, covers my Professional Writing Certificate). In actuality, I need 5 classes to graduate with just my degree, Bachelor of Arts in English. The UST 410 will also give me my Professional Writing Certificate.

My schedule is VERY hairy. M-W-F from 1:30-2:30 is Grammar. T-Th is Theory from 3-5. And Wednesday nights (80% web and 20% class) is my Grant class from 6-8. Plus, on the first Wednesday of each month will be the PTO meeting right after school for Cassi from 3:30-5. Then, Rob works nights. On the nights that he works and I'm in school, Cassi will go to Dan's house. Dan is the PTO Treasurer. His daughter and Cassi are good friends.

Can you see my scheduling nightmare? And, somewhere in all of this, I am keeping the house cleaned, cooking for Rob, and spending time with my family.

As it stands now, it's almost midnight on the east coast and I'm exhausted and nauseous from not eating a complete din din. Yes, I ate. Just not much.

But, I have a BUTT LOAD of reading to do. Right now, I'm sitting on over 50 pages of reading for theory class. But, I'm almost up to date on my grant writing reading. I will be damned if I get anything less than a B in all 3 classes.

I found out I've got a major research paper to do for theory class. I'm thinking on the lines of: "What are the implications of teaching English (reading and writing) to children with learning disabilities?" This idea came into my mind because I have to spend the next year preparing Cassi to take her first achievement text next year. How will they prepare her to take that test? The whole issue with her disability is because she has trouble processing what she reads. Those tests are timed. It will be interesting to see. This paper is for the theory class. I will write it for Mary like I wrote my Tech Writing paper last spring. Also for her class are 3 exams and various other assignments.

For grant writing, the whole semester, the class is the process to determine a non-profit organization to write a grant. Since I am President of PTO, which is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, I'll be researching and preparing a Grant RFP. This will help me with two goals: 1. my class assignment and 2. possible funding for our projects at the school. I would love to write a grant that would be funded. I've got projects that I want to get for the school that grants would definitely help with costs.

The grammar class is a generic class with reading, homework, and exams/quizzes. No papers. But, this professor is so into the grammar. I really enjoy it, but understand why my classmates don't understand why the professor is so "gung ho" about grammar. They don't realize that he is also an editor. This is what "moves" him.

So, that's about it for now. I'm already into week 2. Is it done yet?

Gotta go for now. I really need to read some more before I go to bed. And, I'll be up again at 7:30am doing it all again!

Lots of love,
8^ )

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cassi is making a birdhouse (the story)...

Yes, Cassi is getting into woodworking.

This project started in May. We had to take a trip to a woodworking shop on the east side of Cleveland, looking for wood bleach for the floor project. At that time, Cassi saw a kit to make a bird house. She begged daddy to get it and help her put it together. At the time, we didn't have the time or the extra money.

About a month ago, Cassi remember one day while they were in Lowe's.

"Daddy, when can we make that bird house?"

So, daddy promised to make the bird house with Cassi. Just a project for Cassi and Daddy.

A few weekends ago, I helped Rob put a template together to make a bird house. The house will also double as a bird feeder. We went out and purchased some tools to start Cassi own tool belt. She's even gotten her own tool apron. Rob and I cut out the wood to have it all ready for her to hammer the nails in.

As the pictures below show, Cassi, with the help of pre-nailing by daddy, nailed the house together. For the sides, where the feeder part lives, she helped daddy measure out the length of the fence piece.

Because the house was made with 3/4 inch wood, the house is VERY heavy. Originally, she wanted the house to go in a tree. Not going to happen. Daddy will buy a 4x4 wooden post. The house will go next to the front porch.

Colors? Cassi chose black for the roof, red for the house, and light blue for the bird feeder part. I've been helping her paint the house. We're about half done. I want to make sure there's enough coats for it to survive outside for a while.

Don't have pictures of the house with paint yet. Once I do, I'll add the finished house pictures. Cassi is REALLY having a good time. She's just super impatient because she wants to get the entire house done at once.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Cassi is making a birdhouse (the picts)...

Cassi's First Day (and Week) of School...

So, Cassi started school this week. Monday to be exact!

"I'm FREE! Free as the wind blows!" (yep, that's me singing)

But, even though I'm free, I'm actually up there at school with her almost EVERY day. That's what happens when you're the PTO President. I will probably be that way for the next five years.

But, as I said, Cassi started school this week. She was so excited. Here are the two pictures I took of her at her desk:

Her teachers are really good too. She'll have the same teacher again this year for her special ed stuff. Because of my schedule, we had to find someone to take her on Wednesday evenings. Dan, the Treasurer of PTO, picks up his daughter, Alexis on Tuesday-Thursday. He figured why not in taking Cassi. When I have to go to class Wednesday nights, Cassi will go there and spend the night.

She was lucky! No homework this week.

A sad little story enfolded on her first night there. The girls decided to play kamkazi(sp) off the couch. They were jumping off the couch. Cassi slipped and fell on her left wrist. Dan said she cried and he had her ice the wrist. Then, she was off playing again. Thursday, she went to school and was fine all day. Of course, with all this being "normal," I didn't think anything of it Thursday night when he brought her home (when Rob's working on Tuesday-Thursday, Cassi will be picked up by Dan).

Friday morning came. I was getting stuff ready for school. Luckily for Cassi, only four days at school, and she gets a day off. The teachers had a professional development day. Cassi Nana took a half day off so Cassi could stay with her while I was in class. I don't know this professor very well and didn't just want to show up with her in tow to class. I will probably have him again in the spring and don't want to be on his "bad girl" list.

But, as I said, I was finishing homework and getting stuff ready to go. While she was going for the afternoon, she was also going for the weekend. Pa had big plans for them for the weekend.

About an hour after she got up, she comes running into my office crying and her wrist hurts so bad. I have to wake up Rob (came home after 3rd day in a row of work). We still haven't gotten the insurance cards yet and not sure what to do. So, I called the doctor's office to get her in. Doctor is busy but was told to take her to the urgent care. By the time all this happens, it's noon. I have class at 1:30pm. I knew I wouldn't be able to get her there and the class on time.

So, she goes to Nana's. I pick her back up after class and take her to the urgent care center. They take an x-ray and call the films into the affiliated hospital. Appears Cassi fractured her wrist. If you look at your left hand, with the thumb on the inside (top of hand is facing you), the bone down the line from the thumb is where the fracture is. The said the bone was actually scrunched. So, Cassi gets put into an air cast. I have to take her to an Orthopedic Surgeon for a regular cast. She will also be out of gym for a month.

But, the worst part is, she writes with her LEFT HAND! She does write with her right hand and will have to do so all the time now.

Yesterday, she tried to negotiate getting the cast taken off in a week. Gotta laugh at that.

So, all Pa's plans got shot to Hell. Pa did take her to the zoo yesterday. It was alot of walking around. Today, she went to Chuck E. Cheese's, but couldn't do any climbing, just some games. He was taking her to Target to go shopping this evening. Not sure what they'll be doing tomorrow, but she wants to come home before daddy goes to work.

So, that was her first week at school. Next week will be interesting because she's having problems with the dressing and de-dressing when using the potty. And, as most people know, the toilet paper lives on the left side of the stall. And, with doing homework, I will probably be even more busy helping write down her homework for her. I'll get to sleep 2-4am each night after doing her homework with her and MY homework.

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. I'll be 100% grey by the time this semester is over!