Thursday, May 29, 2008


After emails and worry at the beginning of this week, the official word is in:

CONGRATULATIONS! You've graduated!

Yep, even though I already went through the ceremony. Yep, even though I was told I graduated.

I decided to look at my transcript Monday night to see where the results were. I knew it would take about a month after graduation to get the OFFICIAL diploma in the mail. And, low and behold, there's this LITTLE "i" sitting next to where the credits for my Magazine class were and 0.0 credits allowed.


What's this all about? I was told back in October that the class would be okay. I emailed the lady who helped me fix my foreign language credits and my English advisor. My English advisor said that because the class was an ENG 301 and was a different topic (this class has three topics), it was cleared to take.

Well, the system doesn't agree with that. It's the same class number. So, I had to go through the rigamarole over getting the class approved for graduation. I had enough credits overall to graduate, but not enough English requirements.

But, after emails and some worry, everything worked out fine. On my unofficial transcript, it actually shows the "Bachelor's Degree" awarded as of 5/9/2008.

So, after a little worry, everything worked out OK. I'll be getting my diploma mailed in about a week.

...Now, where's my job? I know there's so much to do at home. I'm going stir crazy. I need ADULTS again!

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. Didn't tell Rob because I knew how PO'd he would have been. Wanted to make sure everything was fixed as I thought it would be before telling him any news. Shhhhhhhh!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Obsessed with the Job Search...


Yesterday ended up being a good day. For the afternoon moms helping at the book fair, I happened to meet the HR Director for a local manufacturing company. She asked me to mail her my resume which I did. I told her how I had just graduated with my BA and Professional Writing Certificate and was looking for Technical Writing jobs for which they do hire. But, I also told her I had many years experience in Administrative roles. She said she knew of some part-time stuff coming up and would forward my resume to her recruiters.

Last night, I looked at the Web site and found a full-time Administrative Assistant position in the Supply Chain department. She replied to my email and told me that she forwarded my resume to her recruiters. I replied to her about the opening I found. Even if I was making $30K to start, the job is 5-10 minutes away. And, as she said, this would be my "foot in the door" when a Technical Writing or other writing-type job comes open.

So, we'll see what happens this week.

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. Was alone last night. Cassi spent the night at her friend's house. I took them roller skating today. She rented in-line skates because her regular skates are now too small. She was even skating backwards. She likes ice skating and said the in-line skates are just like the ice versions.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Updates on Jobs...

Well, much to my sadness...

I didn't get the job at Oberlin College. They gave the opportunity to an internal candidate.

Can you believe it? Now, how many times do you know when an external candidate beats an internal candidate? Ummm, NEVER!

That was crazy to waste the candidates time when the real person being chosen was internal.

I'm waiting on updates from recruiters regarding some jobs I've applied for. I was just SO SURE I would be working by now. Am I scaring people away from being more interested in me because I'm so knowledgeable about stuff and now have the education to back-up what I've done before?

This is CRAZY! There, I'll say it again. I can't believe it.

OK. That's it for tonight. Gotta get to bed. I'm working at Cassi's book fair again tomorrow. There's some kids books that sound too funny, but don't really have the extra money to buy them now. They are books that not only Cassi would enjoy, but I would enjoy them too. There are two books that remind me of the way VP writes (even though these books are geared toward younger readers).

Lots of love, (and pray for me)
8^ )

Friday, May 16, 2008


You'll notice in the left panel navigation that I've added the Copyscape logo to my page. As I wish to add information out here from my magazine articles, this is VERY important. Should anyone try to steal any of my information from this blog or any other, they will have to deal with my attorney.

According to the law, EVERYTHING I write is my own copyright protected work for:

75 years after my death when the work is unpublished
95 years from the date it was published

As this blog is considered "PUBLISHED WORK," expect that this copyright remains in effect until 2113. AND, I do not have to register my work with the Copyright Office in Washington DC to have this in effect.

My sister's best friend first presented this idea of blog information being stolen. I am doing my part to be responsible for anyone wishing to take my ideas.

Uh-huh! Not here!

Thanks, Vegas Princess!

Lots of love,
8^ )

Update on Grades/Graduation...

As my readership dwindles, I wanted to update everyone on my FINAL grades. Graduation was on Saturday, May 10, but the final grades weren't due until Tuesday, May 12. EH? But, this was so. Seems they allow students to graduate without knowing if they actually passed. The assumption is that if you're walking, you know you passed. I was still unsure on my final grade at that time for Senior Survey. I had all my other grades, even before the last week of classes.

Imaging Africa (film) COM 428 - A-
Professional Internship ENG 490 - A
Magazine and Feature Writing ENG 301 - A
Senior Survey ENG 495 - B-

There's my grades. Also, at the same time, I was helping Rob get through his 2 classes. He's working on going back to school to get his RN license. He really doesn't want to go back to school right now, but can't afford not to.

English Composition 2 - B
Introduction to Sociology - B

So, in reality, it was like I was taking 6 (yes, six) classes. Then, I was helping Cassi make sure her homework was done every night. When the onslaught of HIGHER gas prices happened, Cassi ended up either staying with daddy (he had to get up early to get her on days he worked and met me to swap her when I got done school) or she went with me to my magazine class. Either way, she was getting homework done every day. And, luckily, my magazine professor enjoyed having her in class. As always, she behaved herself and did her homework.

But, I was also running PTO. This semester wasn't that stressful. We pretty much paid bills, bought supplies for school. Next week, we're helping with the book fair. There wasn't any major fundraisers this spring from us. So, we've been pretty low key.

And, with Rob doing the working and earning the money for us, I was also making sure the house stayed as clean as possible. This was a VERY difficult task.

Now, I'm bored. I'm done school and looking for a job. I can't believe all of the companies I've applied to. From all of them, I've been told NO on 2:

1. Technical Writer for National City Bank
2. Technology Instructor for New Horizons Learning Center
3. Editor for Cancer Center at Cleveland Clinic (just found out at 5 pm today)

The jobs I've applied to:

1. Contract position for Documentation Specialist/Technical Writer with Progressive Insurance (interviewing in 30 minutes) Update: 5/23/08 They went with another candidate they interviewed.
2. Contract position for Training Administrator with Intuit (no response yet for interview) Update: 5/23/08 They closed the opportunity for now.
3. Contract position for Documentation Specialist with National City Bank (another position with NCB and no response yet)
4. Permanent position for Technology Training Applications Specialist with Nordson Corporation (no response yet)
5. Permanent position for Academic Technology Support Specialist with Cleveland State University (no response yet)
5. Permanent position for Administrative Assistant to the Archivist with Oberlin College (interviewed but no decision yet and position starts June 2) Update: 5/23/08 Chose an internal candidate.
6. Permanent position for Multimedia Writer/Technical Writer with Applied Industrial Technologies (no response yet, opening through CSU's Career Services and position posting available until next week)

So, it seems like I've been applying for A LOT of different jobs, but no "Yes we want to hire you" bites yet. And, yes, Marie, if Oberlin calls offering me the job, I'll take it. It would give me the opportunity to continue writing feature stories for magazines.

And, I'm so tired today. A personal issue came up last night when I looked at our cell phone bill. Don't really want to talk about it here. Not sure what to do about it though. It has just made me very sad.

OK. I'm going to go now. The countdown is on to this phone interview. T-minus 20 minutes.

Lots of love,
8^ )