Saturday, February 18, 2006

4 out of 5! That's what I got on my interview. I had one grammatical error; I forgot a comma. I had one paraphrase error. And, he didn't like my opening paragraph. So, if I rewrite the story, which I have already done, I will get a half point more.

So, I'll get that 4.5 out of 5 yet.

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Friday, February 17, 2006

Man-on-the-Street...the interview went better than planned. My concern was getting 2 people to give me their names, along with answering my questions for my interview. But, luckily, I was able to find a group of 5, who all allowed me to use their names AND answered my questions. The news story had to be 100 words minimum, with 2 sources. I had 250+ words and 5 sources. The story I was able to use was from the Plain Dealer on 2/14/05. It was a front-page story talking about how victims of bullies and their families are suing bullies and their families for monetary damages caused by being bullied. The story was very interesting. You can find the actual story in the website, look-up PD Archived stories. You'll be able to see them for the last 2 weeks.

So, I'm curious what my grade will be. The points available are 5. I hope I get a 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5. If I get a 4 out of 5, I will have the opportunity to make changes for a half point higher. My hope is for an A or B in this class.

My overall goal is a 3.0 or higher this semester. If I do, it will help me get scholarships so I do not have to keep getting student loans, although I will if I have to.

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay all. Wish me luck. I have my first "man-on-the-street" interview in Journalism today. I have to out into the student union (where all the students hang-out) and interview 2 students regarding a story from yesterday's Plain Dealer. But, before we do it, as a class, we have to decide which topic to pick. Yesterday's newspaper had stupid stories, except one on students' families suing bullies' and their families.

Okay. Relax!

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Grandma Muriel...

Okay, I've been having a number of dreams over the past few years about my Grandma Muriel. She is my dad's mom. She died in 1989, and died while being in a diabetic coma. Even though she took insulin shots everyday, she also ate what she wanted. I remember her always having ice cream sundae cups in the fridge. Marie ate the fudge ones and I ate the strawberry ones. But, she also had lots of fruits when we came to visit. Marie loved to eat the cherries and I loved the grapes. Hmmm, I wonder why Marie loves grapes now? Okay, I digress!

Last week, I had a dream about her house after her death. I was there at her house, but was seeing things very strangely. In her kitchen, she had a U-shaped kitchen area, where were were a ton of cabinets, with one set coming out of the wall like an island. Well, they were gone. When Marie and I were growing up, we usually sat there to eat on small bar chairs that appeared to be made for that island. Plus, they whole room reminded me of the 1950s or 60s. Also there was a chest freezer in the kitchen, which I said, "I'm glad the freezer is up here now, instead of in the basement." But, I don't EVER remember there being a freezer in the house. AND, on the wall, there appeared to be a copper baking set, with a bowl, cookie cutters, etc. I was adamant that they were to come to me. All of a sudden, there is someone else in the house, and a some-sort of diplomat who was having us auction the house. The person who placed the highest bid on the rental price of the house would own it. What the dream was saying was, you can buy the house, but only to rent it out and the person with the highest rental price would win.

VERY strange indeed! It seems that I have unfinished business in MA where my Grandma lived, but won't know unless I go there for a visit. This is what my dream seems to be telling me. But, when will I get the chance to visit there? Don't know. Dad took us a few times after Grandma died to see his cousins and his Grandpa (known as Gramps). He passed away a year after my Grandma. Since then, we have not been there to visit. Dad absolutely refuses to go there at all. After my Grandma died, everything was supposed to be in her will to go to my Dad, which didn't happen. She never changed her will and everything went to her ex-husband (another story in itself).

It also seems when I have these dreams, there is a jukebox in the dream. I remember, in her basement, there was a jukebox, which I thought was a Wurlitzer, but I'm not sure because I only saw it a few times. There was also a player-piano that my Dad used when he was growing up to learn to play the piano. Now, in our new house, it appears that we have the same piano that he had when growing up. We moved in to this house in July and was blessed to have adopted a dining room table and a piano. It took until Christmas for him to realize that the piano we have is the same type of piano he grew up with. Rob and I would like to eventually restore the piano and bring it into the house. I know it will be expensive, but it appears to be rather old.

So, the bottom line is, something (or someone) is subconsciously telling me that I need to make a trip to MA. Haverhill to be exact! So, any suggestions about when and where to go would be great. I know I would take Cassi.

Okay, gotta go for now.

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update on Topics:
  1. How Rob and I got married
  2. My history with depression
  3. Why I'm going back to school (the work-thing and the family/home-thing go in this)
  4. My parents
  5. My weight issues...
  6. My sister (sorry, Marie, you got moved to #6!)
  7. Rob's Brother, the full-time Criminal (Still!)
Okay, since I spent so much time on the first entry today, it's almost time for me to get to my next class. From class one to class two, I have to walk about a block and a half from one building to the next. Plus, because the elevator is at the opposite end of the building, and my class is in the middle of the building, AND on the fourth floor, I walk up two flights of stairs to get there. The walk does me good (will talk more in issue #5 above). I've counted the steps it takes me to get up the two flights of stairs. There are 53 steps from the second floor to the fourth floor. In comparison, on a side note, that infamous run up the Art Museum steps in the Rocky movies is 72 steps. While living in Philadelphia and visiting the Art Museum, I walked up the steps to count them. So, I'm really close to that famous run. Of course, I only walk up the steps. But, with those steps and the walking I do around campus, I walk about one mile a day, three times a week, giving me the needed exercise, even if just a little.

Had to add it here because I thought of it. Thought it was a neat tid bit of info!

8^ )
(okay I'm getting a little better feelings-wise!)
Marie...Got your package. Haven't been able to call or email. You'll see why in the post below. I'm getting over a depression episode.

Oh, note to self, talk about my depression. New topic. This one will probably take a while to talk about.

Free Time...Our journalism instructor had a car accident two weeks ago. Because of this, our class was post-poned until Friday. I did get my homework done for today. Cassi was out sick on Monday. I was unable to go to school myself because Rob had to sleep after working Sunday night. So, I emailed all my professors to make sure I had the homework for today.

So, today, I came to class and found out he had to leave because he had a car accident. Today, was a court appearance by both parties that occurred this morning. He was unable to change the time. So, class was out. I now have this time to blab.

Monday and Tuesday were very bad for me. Rob had to work this weekend, which required me to stay put in the house and not go anywhere. Plus, with the puppies, we cannot go anywhere for more than two hours at a time without needing to get back to take care of them. Now, I know we didn't go to very many places before the puppies, but my freedom has been cut 100%. Even now, I cannot go visit my friend Jacci because she lives so far away. Because we are in Elyria and she's in Euclid, the trip is almost an hour one way. Plus, when I go to visit, it's not just a quick, "Hello. How are you visit?" We gossip and have a good time. And, when Cassi goes for the trip, Jacci always has grandkids there. Cassi loves to go because she ALWAYS has kids to play with and has freedom that she doesn't have at home. Example, she now has to keep EVERY single piece of toy in her room. Because of the puppies, none of her toys can come out in the living room. That was the way I wanted it, but kinda slid because she has always had toys in the living room. She can't take anything out now because if the puppies get them, they will destroy them.

With that said, next point. I am really enjoying going to school. When Cassi came home from grandpa's Sunday really sick, I knew that I would be unable to go to school, which made me even more depressed and made me REALLY tired. Because we have the puppies, who cannot be left alone, when they are out of their cage, someone must sit with them 100% of the time they are out. If you don't, and even when you do, you don't watch them, they potty on the carpet. This happened Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! So, I get to clean it up everytime! Our living space is a huge room. The room is 28 feet by 13 feet, which consists of living room and dining room. After getting the puppies, we purchased two baby gates to keep them confined to oen area. Well, I rearranged the living space to physically break up the room into two spaces, limiting the puppies to a smaller space. I cannot even sit in the dining room side of the living space to work on homework because I have to watch the puppies.

Rob doesn't realize how upsetting this is to me. In the beginning, when we were first married, Rob knew that I didn't want to have children because of my career. But, God decided that I was to have a child. After having Cassi, I lost my career and have been unable to get a new job IN FIVE YEARS!!!!! So, on Monday, when I didn't get a chance to go to school, I was frustrated even further, even though I knew that I was going to school today.

To top it off, Rob and I have been running a Watkins Home-Based Business. 2005 was the first year that we would be getting a 1099 for making enough income to report on our taxes. But, we are STILL waiting to get the tax paper. Rob's dad processes our taxes each year. We are waiting on this one document to complete the taxes.

Going into Tuesday, we get a communication from Rob's dad that he wants Rob to call him. I have been very anal in tracking every dollar in expenses and income from our businesses. Last year, I also added a creative services business to what I do at home to try to make income. Not much happned. Because we moved in July, any extra spending money we had to do craft shows went down the tubes because of the extra expenses we had with purchasing the new home. Rob's dad tries to imply that I shouldn't be running any kind of home business. I should be working at a job. This is the impression I get from his comments. Last year, I tracked our tax expenses and income the same way I did this year, but tracked even more detailed this year. AND IT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!

Day #2 of being depressed. Plus, I don't feel any empathy or compassion for the fact that I trying sooooo hard to keep all this stuff tracked, keeping up the house so Rob can work, and now going back to school to try to regain my career when I'm finished.

I know the phone rang for me over Monday and Tuesday, but I just couldn't answer. I had an email requesting that I come to a meeting for the Berea Animal Shelter. There is an animal shelter in the area, that had a fundraiser this past weekend. I donated a gift basket in name of our business toward their effort. Because the shelter is a no-kill shelter, they are trying to raise funds to build a larger building for the animals. Okay, that said. On Tuesday afternoon, I received an email that they were having a meeting in Berea about volunteering with the shelter. We had two hours before we had to go. I still had homework that had to be completed. We had to eat dinner and get the puppies out before we left. Rob sat on the computer for two hours, instead of helping me decide what to eat and help prepare it. I was SO frustrated that I had laundry to put in the dryer, dishes to put away from the dishwasher and dishes to put in to wash. Even after getting that done, there was no help on dinner. So, we ended up not going. Also at the same time, Rob's work called, asking him to come in for overtime. He worked the 11-7 shift. We need the money bad.

Today, I'm kinda on the blah side of my episodes. I am getting very frustrated that I feel like certain people in my life are putting me down because what I am trying to do. Typically, the comments don't bother me, but they did these days. I am trying to better myself in school. I cannot get a career, one that paid me like I did at Ernst & Young five years ago. Nor am I am able to even obtain a job in the field that I want because of my education. I currently have an Associate's Degree in Communications, with over eight years experience in the technology field. So, I'm sick of people telling me I have to get a job. Even the $10 an hour jobs don't want to hire me because they know I'm over-qualified. Plus, they feel that I won't be there long enough for them to make the investment in hiring me. I will get my degree to support the work experience that I have.

Hopefully life gets better. I know it can get worse because it hasn't gotten worse yet.

Okay, that's it for now. I know it's alotta rambling, but I needed to get it off my chest.

8^ (

Thursday, February 02, 2006

UTTER SHOCK...We had to take Cassi to the eye doctor today. Because of the difficulties we had bringing Cassi into the world, and the fact that she was tongue-tied, she's had special services helping her at school. One suggestion that was given was to take her to see an eye doctor.

So, today we did. This eye doctor specializes in working with children. He not only does the "ususal" eye check, but also reviews the results based on a developmental approach. He was able to tell us that Cassi is farsided, and also has an astigmatism. Bottom line, Cassi needed to get glasses.

So, off we go to view the glasses that she can wear. We had her try on about a half dozen pairs before picking a pair with liked. Okay, here's the conclusion, her glasses cost $320!!!!!! Rob was so shocked that when we left, he went the wrong way and almost had a car crash. But, we had to get the glasses because our daughter needed them!

Who would have thought that a child's pair of glasses cost as much as an adults? Go figure!

Okay, had to vent and get my shock out! Now I'm tired! Nap anyone?

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Topics...I've got to remember my list of topics. So, every now and then, you'll see the list, plus any additional items that I want. Okay, Marie, you'll continue to get #8 until I can't think of anything else to write about (or until your topic gets written).

Topics that I would like to write about here in this blog:
  1. How Rob and I got married
  2. My past work history (some stories, etc)
  3. Why I'm going back to school
  4. Our businesses that I run, along with going back to school and family
  5. My parents
  6. My weight issues...
  7. Why I like to write...
  8. My sister
  9. Rob's Brother, the full-time Criminal (Still!)
  10. My notes that I need to take for my Journalism Class
  11. My notes that I need to take for my Poetry Class

I'm going to keep this one short. Yep, I'm adding my notes for each of my classes. For each class that I have writing to do, also known as the "Cool" classes, I am going to write them out here. Mostly, I'm writing them here for feedback. Plus, when I've got an idea, I can write it here to see (and read) how it sounds.

I've got to close this for tonight. I'm having a bout of insomnia, coupled with migraines. I had one yesterday and today, until I took an hour nap, which probably helped me with not being able to sleep now. But, the puppies will not wait for me to wake up in the morning. I just know that by 6:30am, they'll be crying for me to take them out and get our life started again for the day.

Love to all,

Cathy 8^ )

P.S. I just noticed the time when this post was created. Based on what I think is happening to the time, add 3 hours to the posted time because it appears to be Pacific Time, which I am in the Eastern Time. So, if you can agree, it's after midnight when I actually created this post.