Monday, January 30, 2006

My new children, part 2...

We had gotten a call from the owners on Jan. 3. The owners' names are Dave and Pat Manning. Well, Pat called me. She was so upset about the whole tragedy. She had the puppies in her house because the barn was completely destroyed. There was one in the local vet hospital that was fighting for its life, later called Rocky. Well, Rocky didn't make it, most likely due to smoke inhalation. Plus, out of the six puppies and mom, one of the puppies and mom were missing. Since we wanted two puppies, one boy and one girl, it had appeared that God saved one boy and one girl. For us! I told Pat that I would have to talk with Rob, but we should be able to come get them that Thursday, which was one whole week earlier than planned.

After talking with Rob, we ended up getting the puppies the next day. That Thursday, we were able to squeeze into our vet's office for him to see the puppies. By that time, we also gave them their names. We decided to call them Bonnie and Clyde. They are DEFINITELY their name sakes. Bonnie was just fine, just a little scorched hair, but no burn spots. It appears that she might have been the first puppy out of the fire. Clyde did have some pretty good burn spots on him. The vet had to shave most of his left side, where there was skin that fell off. But, after 2 weeks, most of the open sore are was healed. The last time we went to the vet, he was astonished at how well Clyde was healing. We were also afraid that he was going to lose his tail because of the extent of burn marks on his tail. But, short of a miracle, he is not going to lose his tail. Plus, the vet figured the shape he is now would not have happened for a few months, not a few weeks.

So, right now, we are training them for sleeping in a cage. But, because of the size of the puppies, which have now grown 50% in 3 weeks, we are going to have to look at getting a second cage, one for each. When we first took the puppies, they were 10.6 pounds. They are now over 16 pounds and growing. Plus, we are continuing to work on their potty habits. Because they ARE NOT to potty in the house. It's been tougher for Bonnie than Clyde because she gets excited when company comes over (oops! she tinkled!). We are training them to bark at us and go to the front door to alert us that they need to go out.

They are almost there. We've been pretty lenient on them right now with the leash thing. They have been pretty obedient not to run out of the yard when they go potty. Because it is winter right now, we're not letting them stay out for an extended period of time. This will all change once the weather stays nice. We're looking at the possibility of Invisible Fence to put up fencing to allow the dogs AND cat to be able to go outside without having to be on a leash or even hard, metal fencing. Will leave a note if and when it happens.

Okay. I've got to finish this up for now. I've got photos of the puppies from then until now. As my sister eluded in one of her comments, "I'm so suburban." Okay, Marie. Before the puppies get up from their nap again, I need to start a load of laundry washing, hang-up laundry on hangars, and fold what's on my bed. Plus, I've got homework in all 3 of my classes for Wednesday. I've got to get that done tonight and tomorrow.

Plus, I've got to order a CD for my home business, along with designing new tea bag envelope templates for sale for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Patriotic, Education, Birthday, etc. because I have a few craft shows coming up that I'm trying to sell my products and design business.

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Love to all,
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My New Children...The Puppies,

Rob has said to me over the years that he wanted a dog. At one time, we even had a puppy. It was a Jack Russell puppy. But, after a week, and both of us working ungodly hours as consultants, along with problems with the puppy, we took it back. That was back in 1998.

This past summer, we started camping again at a campground in West Salem (near Ashland), OH. Most of the campers there had dogs. So, we spent the summer around LOTS, and LOTS of dogs.

Then, Cassi went to school. As part of being a member of the Parent-Teacher Club at the school, I chaired a project, which had a couple come in to the school, as Santa and Mrs. Claus. The project was a riot! They had been playing these parts for the school for the last 8 years. On the first day, while we were waiting for the kids, they asked us if we knew anyone who was looking for dogs. They had a dog, an all-white Great Pyrenees that had puppies. They believed the dad was a black lab as all of the puppies were black. We decided that we wanted to visit to see the puppies and adopt 2 of them. There were 6 puppies.

When we visited, they were still being weaned off their mom. So, we were told a couple of weeks, around the second week of January, we would arrange to get the puppies. But, on Jan. 2, the couple had a fire in the barn that the puppies were living in. Based on the fire and where they found the puppies, it appears that the puppies we have are the only ones left. No one has been able to find the mom.

More as soon as possible... Time to start class!

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )
Okay, so i'm trying something new to get my thoughts out. I am in class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am til 2:30pm. My goal is to try to get some thoughts out every morning that I'm in class because I have about 10 minutes before my Journalism class starts. Plus, if I have some notes to type for my Journalism class, I can get them out now.

Okay. That's it for this post!

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Notes to self...

Topics that I would like to write about here in this blog:
  1. How Rob and I got married
  2. My past work history (some stories, etc)
  3. Why I'm going back to school
  4. Our businesses that I run, along with going back to school and family
  5. The new puppies (started discussion on 1/30/06)
  6. My parents
  7. A New Topic to Give Marie #8
  8. My sister (okay Marie, here's your #8!)
  9. My weight issues...
  10. Why I like to write...

Okay, go ahead and post comments on this one for extra topics. All topics will be written about.

Love to all,

Cathy 8^ )

Very annoying email this evening...

Okay. I know I may offend, but this is how the emails went. My father in-law emailed, asking Rob (for those of you who don't know, that's my husband's name) to call him before American Idol came on. I figured I would be nice and tell him Rob went to work, plus when his schedule typically is set for. Week 1 (this week), he works Monday night, Tuesday night, and Saturday night. Week 2 (next week), he works Sunday night, Thursday night, and Friday night. He works as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) at a nursing home on 3 12-hour shifts. So, I replied all of this information to him. Plus, I told him Rob probably won't get to talk with him because it was going to be a crazy night at work.

Well, here is what he said in response: I don't know how you guys are going to do it with him only working three days a week. Has he found anything else yet? Why did they cut the days like that? And now with you going to school it will be even harder.

So, am I REALLY annoyed at this response or what. So, here is my response to him:
He requested the 3 12-hour shifts to be home more often with Cassi. She’s been needing extra help with school. I can only do so much. They didn’t cut his hours. Right now, he is looking for something part-time, but may not. My schooling is completely covered by Financial Aid, plus a refund. I’m going to school full-time hours while Cassi is in school. We will make do like we have been. Plus, when we’ve had trouble, my parents have had no problem helping us out.

I didn't care if I offended him or not. I have been having a crappy night, being tired from the puppies, kid, and husband. So, I didn't want to hear it from him. Plus, ever since we've been married, they've made it very difficult for us. Unlike my parents.

So, I know I'll hear it from Rob about these emails, but FRANKLY I don't give a CRAP!

Love to all,

8^ )
My last day until SCHOOOOOOL! I am SO excited! This is my first time in 13 years that I've been in college. So, I am going to school at Cleveland State University. My degree intentions are a Bachelor of Arts in English plus a Professional Writing Certificate. I want to be able to get back into Technical Writing. In my past life, I did Technical Writing at Ernst & Young, but no education to back me up, just experience. Now, I am unable to get a job as a Technical Writer because of no education.

I know this is going to be a strain on our family for the next 2 years. However, I will be able to go back to work and have a meaning career. Rob will be able to stay at home with Cassi.

So, today, I went to downtown Cleveland. I needed to register my car/purchase a prepaid parking card. Can you believe it costs $141 for a prepaid card. I will be able to park at CSU anytime I want this semester for that price. Right now, my classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am until 2:30pm. But, if I ever need to go on other days, it won't cost me. Then, I had to register for my student ID. I had one 13 years ago, but never attended because of money issues. (With just moving to Ohio 13 years ago, I was unable to get financial aid for school.) Then, I had to purchase my textbooks. I am taking 3 classes, Media Writing, Intro to Poetry, and Math. My books were a total of $289! Not bad for 3 classes. I had to take a math class even though I received my AA with classes I had from attending Drexel University.

I've got this HUGE Excel spreadsheet created to track what classes I need to take and their credits, along with tracking how many credits I will need to graduate. As it stands right now, I've got about 7 semesters to take classes. Over the summer, I will take 2 classes. During the Fall and Spring, I will take 3. Since I'm at upper-level classes, my classes are worth more credits, meaning I can take fewer and still be at full-time with 3 classes.

There are sooo many thoughts going through my brain right now, but even typing them here, blogging isn't enough. So, I will try. Gotta go. I've got a strawberry/apple bread in the oven ready to take out.

If anyone has any ideas for me to write on in this blog, I would love to hear your comments.

Love to all,

8^ )

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is just a quick start for my blog. I've got a few moments while Cassi is watching tv and watching the puppies. Who said I would ever be a mom to 3? Oh, plus a cat and husband that makes FIVE! Plus, next week, I start back to college. Rob is having problems with his back. So, my goal will be to get my Bachelor's Degree in English and get a job. This way, Rob will have the opportunity to stay home with Cassi while she goes to school.

This blog will be about my life as a mom and all my thoughts and daily STUFF!

Love to all,
Cathy 8^ )