Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My beliefs (do they matter?)

I have many beliefs, the same beliefs that are being taught to my daughter. I've never really "voiced" my opinions. Lately, I feel like my opinions don't matter. That I've had to compromise so much for others.

Here is what I believe:

I DON'T believe in teens having pre-marital sex.

I DON'T believe in teen pregnancy.

I DON'T believe in cell phones for anyone who's not an adult.

I DON'T believe in car drivers who don't have car insurance.

I DO believe in strong education and learning.

I DO believe in strong self-esteem that comes from strong education and learning.

I DO believe in teenagers learning a work ethic from getting their first jobs in high school.

I DO believe in parents directing their children (and teenagers) to be the best they can be.

I DO believe in children listening and following what adults say.

I DO believe in children respecting adults.

Right now, I think that's about it. But, these are my beliefs and what I will teach my daughter. I DO believe without learning the above, my daughter is helpless in the world.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tolerance and Acceptance

I think I've finally become "old." I'm being forced to accept and tolerate someone and don't want to. I'm being forced if I want a happy home.

How do you learn tolerance and acceptance when you don't agree with how that person was raised or lives?

I'm trying, but it's difficult for me.

Wish me luck and prayers.

Lots of love,