Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are these job openings for real...

Or are these HR Departments just padding their resume files?

It sure seems to me that they are padding their resume files. I would have to say that I have been applying for jobs at least 5 a week since I graduated from school. Of the number of companies who have contacted me regarding openings for which I can count them on my two hands, it seems ALL of these positions that appear to be open are BOGUS!

How can there be THAT many openings when EVERY day, another company announces layoffs?

Just heard today that GM will layoff 14,000 salaried employees by May. Last week, heard that National City Bank (now part of PNC) will layoff 5,800 employees (but that's across the entire company of PNC, not just National City.

So, how can companies be attending job fairs and accepting resumes when they just don't SEEM to be hiring. FYI...Cleveland State University, here in the Cleveland area, is holding a Job Fair on February 27, with an estimated 100+ companies showing up.

On top of that, the majority of companies don't even WANT to talk to you. This goes for job fairs. They don't want to accept your resume in paper. They talk to you, tell you what they are looking for, then when you TRY to give them your resume, they tell you, "No. Sorry, we can't accept paper resumes here. Go to our Web site and apply there."

Huh? Isn't it the point of coming to a job fair to ACCEPT paper resumes, that the goal is to HIRE the people you meet?

No wonder why everyone is frustrated. Look at the IDIOTS who are in charge of the Human Resources and Recruiting functions of companies. They DON'T want to talk to you. Heaven forbid!

I just did a search on www.indeed.com. This Web site will allow you to search multiple job search engine sites, like Monster.com, Dice.com, etc. You enter in a search term and a zip code for a simple search. I've never done the advanced search, but I do know you can search a mileage radius from the zip code you've picked. Every now and then, I will look up EVERYTHING within my zip code (and 25 mile radius). This evening, the results returned over 5,000 jobs. Yes, you heard me FIVE THOUSAND!

Yes, I understand that the majority of those jobs are not in my field, which is actually a LARGE field based on what I've done in the past, along with the education I just received, but COME ONE! Five thousand openings! You've GOT to be joking!

And I'm still working a part-time job because no one wants to hire someone with a Bachelor's Degree and over 15 years employment experience. OK, so my employment happened before my education. But, I've got it!

Someone HIRE ME!

That's it. I'm off the soapbox now.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Code Switching...

OK. I'm going to work at writing actual posts about INFORMATION. This one has been on my mind more lately than ever. I learned about this phrase in Fall 2008 while still at school. I was taking an English class that dealt with the education side of my degree. If I ever decided to go back to get my secondary teaching license for English, this class is one of the requirements. This class dealt with the rhetoric of teaching English as well as developing lesson plans, etc.

Anyway, we learned about a concept called Code Switching. This is where certain populations of people change the way they speak based on the group of people they are with, in simple terms. Take for example a person is from another country. That person's primary language is possibly another language, like Spanish or French. But, for the sake of this story, the person is a student, in an all-English speaking class. When this person goes to school, they have (or supposed to) speak in all English. But, when they go home, they return to their native tongue to speak to family members. This is code switching.

I've read on many of the forums I read where posters complain about other posters who don't know how to read or write correctly. And then go into writing "how" they should act on that specific forum.

Being an English major, I know exactly what they mean. No matter what I read or where I read it, I'm ALWAYS putting in words or mentally editing what other people write. Whether it's on a forum or the information at the doctor's office, I'm always editing and proofreading while I read it.

But, I also do code switching. My code switching deals primarily with text messaging. I hate when anyone sends me text messages that are all acronyms. Rob's daughter sends him text messages that are all acronyms. To me, if you can't WRITE a message correctly, why should you write it? I ABSOLUTELY refuse to respond to a message from anyone who writes in all acronyms. When Rob and I message each other, the message is correct grammatically. Yes, I have been known to have a spelling error, but when that happens, I try my hardest to fix it before it gets sent. I typically will write the message where the sentences aren't capitalized. You may find my messages come off like this: i like to write but don't like to capitalize, even though i do use correct grammar and punctuation.

So, what does this all mean to me? There are so many different people in the world who use code switching every day. I use it not only when I write my text messages, but also between home, friends, family, etc. When I go to work, I write and speak differently than I do when I'm at home. I also may speak differently between my friends and family. Every person does it. For some people it's just worse than others.

Think about when you code switch. Who do you do it with and what do you say? How do you say it? Think about what other people think when you speak with them.

Lots of love,

8^ )