Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Halloween Experience...

So, Marie got suckered into buying Cassi ANOTHER halloween costume. However, we were in luck. NO ONE else in the neighborhood was dressed like Cassi. She was dressed like a snow princess. PROMISE, I will post pictures. They're on my camera that isn't easy to access through the laptop, which is where I'm typing this. The other costume she would have worn was a witch costume. And, there were LOTS of witches.

The temperature was pretty nice. The change of the "time change" came at a good time. If we had turned the clocks back last weekend, it would have been dark when we went out. But, because the time change is this Saturday, we had almost an hour of light for walking. We didn't start using the flashlight until about 7pm. Trick or Treating ran from 6-7:30 pm. Because Rob had to work tonight, we didn't give any candy out. To tell you the truth, we haven't given out candy here at all. Because we've either gone as a group or Rob's worked, no one has been home.

This year has been the worst for people giving. I think it will only get worse. It doesn't help that the economy SUCKS. Ok. Not going there on this one right now.

But, we probably walked about 2 miles, 3 streets worth, each street about 3 blocks each.

A funny thing happened. One of the girls from my grammar class ran into us about half way through. Come to find out that she lives in the apartment complex right behind my housing development. COOL! Since we both didn't go to class today, we're getting together to study for the next test. She has a little one. Really cute. Her name is Lilly. Cassi and Lilly hugged. Cassi immediately asked if they could come over to play. Well, I've got a friend who lives near by now and a friend for Cassi to play with. We can even walk over to their house too.

Cassi is in bed now, watching some TV before bed. The candy and stuff was good. Daddy told her to make sure she got lots of candy for him. Since he's been working on quitting smoking, he has been eating, AND EATING, AND EATING! We've got candy bars from last Easter, but they're almost gone now.

Some of the weird stuff Cassi got? A juice box. A small container of PlayDough. Other than that, the usual. She did get the opportunity to stop at our neighbor's across the street 3 (yes, three) times. At the end, she says, "Nah, I don't need to go there. I went there twice already." You could see her think. She says, "Yeah. I'll go again." It was fine with them. They are very fond of Cassi. The couple's daughter/husband/grandson had to move in with them (husband lost job). But, the grandson is getting so big. It's fun to see the area toddlers getting bigger without actually having to have one in the house. About a month or so ago, I had a long conversation with Rob through the text messaging about this little boy. He's getting so big. He thought I was oohing and ahhing because I wanted another kid. NOPE! My pregnancy with Cassi was more than I could handle again. I'll live through everyone else.

But, I'm sitting here right now, watching and recording Ghost Hunters. Say what you will of SciFi Channel, but I LOVE this show. It's a live show at the Waverly Sanitorium. At this site, more than 63,000 people have died. The show will run until 3am. No, I'm not going to stay up until 3. But, it's recording. I'll be able to watch it at leisure.

On the other fronts, this next month will be HELL for me. Here's a quick run down:

1. Research paper in the composition theory class due on the 13th (finishing research to write first draft).
2. Book review due in same class (done). Yeah!
3. The final 2 writing pieces due for my grant class the next 2 wednesday's. Then, all of the individual pieces put together for a final proposal.
4. Two grammar exams over the same time period.
5. Three craft shows. I'm at the St. John Lutheran Church on West River Road in Elyria this Saturday from 9-4. I'm at Elryia Catholic High School on Saturday, Nov. 10 from 9-4. Finally, Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, I'm at Cornerstone Methodist Church up West River Road. Hopefully I do well at these shows.

House, Cassi, schedule, etc.

Good news. This Friday is a Career Fair at CSU. There currently is 185 employers registered for the fair. As soon as I drop Cassi off at school, I'll be going to the fair. It would be nice to interview with a few companies for a job in May.

Plus, for now, I received an email today, offering me a job as a tutor. Sounded like a good opportunity. I applied for it. Would come in nice right now. We'll see how it goes.

OK. That's it for now. I wanted to update everyone. My online store is moving now. I'm getting as many items uploaded as I can. And, today, we had our first prospective customer to register.

I'll chat again after I have my craft show Saturday.

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Craft Show Experience...

OK. So today went pretty well. I flew out to the place last night to drop off my stuff at the spot. Come to find out at 6:30 that the placed closed to drop off and setup at 6.


But, luckily, one of the coordinators was still there. She let me drop stuff off, because I wasn't setting up til this morning.

And, it was a good thing I didn't setup.

Come to find out at 6:30 this morning....

I was in the WRONG spot. Okay. Gotta rush, get dressed, get din din started for tonight, get the last small things in the car and go.

Now, where's that letter I just found with my CORRECT space number? Go to the car, not there. Go back in the house, TWICE. Can't find it. Turn lights on. OK. Found it. Right where I was to begin with. At the kitchen sink.

Fly to show! Grab stuff and move to correct space.

BIATCH! Sucky spot...

As I thought. But, I was right near the bakery. The show was pretty busy all day, till about 3.

So, how did I do? Not too bad. Tuesday this week, I quickly put togther coloring books that could be bought by people with kids, or those people who know kids. They ended up, in conversation, that they were the perfect size for traveling. They are 5.5" by 8.5" sized books and bound.

I made 12 at the last minute to see how they would do.


So, I know what to make extra of for the next show.

The tea bag envelopes sold. I call them my "different" gifts. Luch box notes sold, book marks, and magnets also sold.

The lady next to me, come to find out, has started making sterling silver wire jewelry and uses gem stones and things of that sort. I happened to have a ruler in my purse from my grandpa's shop. He makes and repairs jewelry and also has silver wire and stuff, like she uses. I referred her to him for supplies.

She had a little girl there, age 5. She was SO good over the course of the day. I just know Cassi would have been bored out of her mind. I gave her one of my chore charts. I got some stickers. I put the stickers on my name tag.

A few people asked about designing tea bag envelopes and business cards. A few people I knew came by. One teacher from Cassi's school came by and said I should box up some of the stuff and leave it in the teacher's lounge for them to buy. I think I will.

I came out pretty well. I know I would have done better in another part of the school. The show is HUGE! About 200 vendors. But, a lot of the spaces were empty. I could have gone into another space easily and have more room.

I made back what I paid for the spot and some more. But, today was sweetest day. I did spend some money. Bought: baguette bread for din din, a pumpkin pie, a sandwich for lunch, chocolate covered strawberries, and a baby blanket (so mom doesn't have to make one for me for a gift).

Not a bad day. I know what few things I do have to make for my next show in 2 weeks, Christmas tea bag envelopes, business cards, and coloring books.

I did pick a sampling of all my goodies to send as a gift to a friend. I hope she'll like them when she gets them.

Ok. That's it for now. I've got a headache, am doing dishes and laundry tonight.

Lots of love,
8^ )

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Good News is...


"Lisa and I (Tina) were able to hook up late yesterday afternoon and we are happy to offer the internship to you. It will comprise a position of 10 hours per week unpaid. The job description which I gave you in the interview (and which is attached here) is pretty much what you will be doing. Lisa and I hope to be able to offer you an opportunity to work on actual grant applications so that you have real experience developing one. In addition, I am going to involve you in the monthly production of Research News as well as other Pre-Awards projects, so that by the time you leave your internship, you should have a fairly full understanding of the grantwriter's world.

Please let us know, once you have everything nailed down, when you will be able to start and what hours work for you.

Welcome to Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. We are happy to have you with us."

What this means to me? I get my internship.

And the Bad News... The one class I need that would handle, general education requirement/ English upper level requirement/overall upper level requirement...

Isn't being taught next semester. Instead of being able to take just 10 credit hours, I will have to take 14 credit hours. The one class I have to take now becomes 2 (two). But, on the bright side, one class I took last spring, Advanced Composition, has another concentration of Magazine Writing that I'm confirming to be able to take in the spring.

I haven't even registered for my classes yet, and I'm already seeing the classes as being a BITCH!

So, my schedule?

M-W-F from 12:15 to 1:20 is a Non-Western gen ed class
T-Th from 10-12 is my English Senior Survey
T-Th from 6-8 is my Magazine Writing class

T-Th from 1-5 will be internship, then make up of 2-4 extra hours some time during the week. The bonus with the Magazine Writing class is that, once finished, I will have News Writing, Magazine Writing, Technical Writing, and Grant Writing school-related experience.

Whoo! Hoo!

Okay. Gotta go. Wanted to write REAL quick. I'm finishing up my craft items for my Craft Show this Saturday.

By the way, if you're reading this and in the Cleveland, OH area, I'll be showing my "stuff" at the Lorain County JVS. The show is located at the JVS at Rts. 58 and 20 in Oberlin, OH. The show runs from 9-4. If you're in the area/state, come visit!

Lots of love,
8^ )

Thursday, October 11, 2007

EXCITEMENT over phone message...

Okay. It's after midnight on Wednesday night, here in chilly Cleveland-area (in Elyria).

I'm wide-butt awake. Why you might wonder?

Well, first, I got a 90% on my last test in Grammar class. Not the grade I was expecting, but I didn't really study for it. I'll do better on next week's test. Tomorrow I get my second take-home test for Mary. I know by Tuesday everyone will want to evacuate the premises over my rants.

I had an interview this morning regarding an English internship for spring semester. I would be working with the woman who helps professors write grants for research money. I will also work with the university's grant writer. I will learn from them how to work with the constituents (my clients) and get grants written. I might even be able to help write specific portions of grants. After submitting the internship requirements to my advisor, he thinks it will be approved once I get my "we want you" call or email from the department.

But, my final reason for staying up? I got a call from someone looking for a professional to print envelopes for an affair they are having. I won't get into too many details now. But, it's a job for 1000 envelopes. (I can do!) The person doesn't remember me, but I interviewed with him for a job a few years ago. Hmmm? I wonder how this will play out. Initially, I don't think I'll tell him who I am. Since that interview, I moved to a new location. So, he may not have recognized me.

But, I've got my font samples ready. And, because he's in Cleveland, I can drop off samples right to his office.

So, I was going to bake apple bread this evening. We juiced apples on Sunday (homemade apple cider). Because of this call, I canned my wanting to bake. I'll bake in the morning instead. I've got an audiologist's appt (hearing aid doctor). But, I should have them ready in time because I want to take a bread to my doctor.

Ok. I'm going to close this now.

I've been reading my usual blogs. Everyone seems "blah" when it comes to blogging. Everyone has their down time. Remember, the seasons are changing right now. Your priorities might not be to "blog" right now. You might just not have the desire to write.

When the thoughts come, even if you're writing what you want to write in a notebook, that's great. You can then come back to your thoughts later on the blog - or not. Your blog is your own. Make of it what you will. Your friends will understand if you've been gone for a while. They will welcome you with open arms when you return.

Shew! I just got a lot off my chest.

With that, I'm be-bopping around the net until I get tired enough to go to bed. The next month will be HELL: (just my to-do's)

1. 4 craft shows in the next month (until turkey-day weekend)
2. 1 book review
3. 1 research paper (How do I teach writing to children with learning disabilities?)
4. 1 grant
5. proposal for spring internship
6. tests!
7. envelope job (if they want me)

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Template

Okay. Just made a new template. Hope everyone likes it. I wanted something that says "fall" but will last until after Thanksgiving. Not that I didn't like my American Pride, but it was time for a change.

Lots of love,
8^ )

New Link on Left Navigation

Ok. If I didn't have enough to do. Some of you know that I sell Watkins Products. For those of you who don't know what Watkins Corporation is, the company is THE first direct-selling business. Rob and I have been selling and using the products 4 years now. In the past, I sold Tupperware. Believe me, this has been the best business to be in. Because the products are consumable, the customer will be back for more.

Ok. With that said, I've added a link on the left navigation under my blogs. I will be adding information as much as possible to get the word out about Watkins Products. This is holiday time and baking galore is going on.

Everyone should at least try the products. Let me know if you want a catalog and I can mail one to you. Also, you can view the products online at the company's Web site:

My only request is that if you look to order anything, they will ask you who sent you to their site. Our associate number is 342297. You'll be setup with a customer ID (like my associate ID). Your order will be credited to us as your associates.

Lots of love for now. I'm working on continuing to post my tea bag envelopes on my Cathy's Bargains Web site. Take a look now! I've got lots of products out there for sale and more being added daily. Yep, I'm working on the Web site, along with my school, Cassi's school, etc.

And the beat goes on!

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulate Me!

So far, this semester, I am getting A's in all THREE (3) of my classes. I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull it off, but I have.

Now, this does come with a price. I think I've had a stomach flu this week.

This plus:

1. Helping Cassi make sure her homework is done EVERY night.
2. Running the PTO, which, by the way, is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization (yep, I'm runnin' a business)
3. Getting my Products together for my fall craft shows (yep, I'm runnin' a business)
4. Keeping our schedules sane
5. Keeping our house SANE
6. Having fun time with the kid and hubby
7. My fall tv watching schedule

Now, you might wonder when I sleep with all this stuff? A good example, when I get done on the computer, I will complete #5 and #7 at the same time. I'll go to the bedroom, fold the laundry and watch my DVR'd TV shows, while at the same time, starting a load of laundry to be washed. In the morning, while I'm getting Cassi ready for school, I'll unload the dishwasher and load it for another washing.

But, for those of you wondering, Cassi is doing MUCH better at school. We had a rough month at school. Marie, the GODDESS that she is, gives Cassi a dollar each day she's good at school. While Cassi could have had 19 dollars, she will only get 13. Six of those days she was bad and got warnings. One day, it really wasn't her fault. The boys in class cut in front of her in line when going to lunch. Instead of telling the teacher, she took matters into her own hands and whacked them on the ass with her lunchbox. Bad. The other days, she talked with her deskmate too much. That problem has since been alleviated. The other girl was moved to another desk. But, so far, she's 4-4 this week. I told her if she's good all month, mom and dad will give her a bonus. So, we'll see.

With that, I'll close for now. I've got TV and laundry to do.

Lots of love to all,
8^ )