Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oil Changes Work Wonders

We hadn't figured out until last night how much the oil change in our Focus would help with the gas. Typically, we try to check as soon as the oil change is done to see how the gas lasts longer in the car. Also, the majority of my trips in the car is back and forth from Elyria to Cleveland, OH. ??? Don't know where that is? We're about a half hour to 40 minutes drive outside of Cleveland.

Friday, I purchased gas and filled up the tank (hadn't been able to do it right after change about 2 weeks ago). So, Friday, I had to take 2 trips back and forth from home to Cleveland. We did a little driving around Elyria Friday and Saturday. Then, Rob worked this weekend and took the car back and forth to the Cleveland Clinic (which is further than my drive to CSU). Yesterday, I drove one more trip back and forth, but also picked Cassi up from Pa's.

By the time I got back into Lorain County, my gas was just about gone. I stopped at my favorite place, which at this time is a Murphy Gas, which is the gas stations for Sam's Club/Wal-Mart. Their gas is ALWAYS lower than everyone in our area. I pulled up to the pump, with:

287.0 miles on my car!

To fill up, it took $22.50 (at 2.08 a gallon) and put almost 11 gallons into my tank. I would say with all that driving back and forth, the oil change worked wonders to keep my gas in the tank longer.

So, the moral of the story is: even if you don't have your oil changed every 3000 miles, make sure you get it changed.

Love to all,
8^ )

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why can't I be a poll worker?

(my news story for class next week)

Here is the story that is the main downfall to my day yesterday. Thought everyone would like to read it as I backed off (thanks to Blaine all those years ago as my supervisor), regrouped, and am killing them with the logic of wanting to know why I can't be a poll worker?

So, here goes. It's a news column that I think is really good. Whether it gets published or not, I think it is a good story. At least it will be out here for everyone to read.

Why can't I be a poll worker?

By Cathy (removed)

This year, students are getting their opportunity to help the political process, and earn some money along the way. CSU and the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections have a program that recruits CSU students to be poll workers.

But, just because someone is a CSU student doesn’t qualify them of having an opportunity in the political process.

I decided I was interested in helping with the process, and would be an excellent candidate to help constituents have a smooth process in voting on Nov. 7. I picked up the paperwork in Career Services and proceeded to call the phone number listed. I felt I didn’t want to waste their time and my own by applying, only to be turned down because of time constraints.

A woman answered the phone and spoke to me in a very unprofessional tone of voice. I asked her if they were still in need of poll workers and that I would like to apply.

The first thing this woman asks me is if I am Democrat or Republican because they had filled all the spots for the Democrats and were only looking to hire Republican poll workers.

What does that have anything to do with the fact that I wanted to work? I explained that I was an independent person. I will vote for the person who I feel is most qualified for the job, based on the information I have read and heard.

Then, she asked me if I lived in Cuyahoga County, which I do not. Finally, she asked if I was a registered voter, for which I am currently not. All of these questions seemed to be inconsequential at the time, especially when you’ve got someone who wants to work.

So, I did a little research on the board of elections Web site. There are a few different brochures regarding the hiring of poll workers. The general brochure only stated that you needed to be registered as a voter in Ohio. Hmm, seems to me that one of her questions was inappropriate.

Then, there was a brochure regarding student poll workers, which meant high school workers. For those workers under 17, special forms need to be on file with the elections office for those people to be employed. Again, seems to me that the question regarding whether I was registered or not was inappropriate as well.

I decided I wanted to look into the numbers of students at CSU, who are not residents of Cuyahoga County. It seems that this process was missing a large majority of the students who might want to be part of this process.

This opportunity would be give students “networking opportunities,” “job experience,” and “possible extra credit for a class,” according to the application taken from Career Services.

How can someone get this experience if they are stopped even before attempting to start the application process?

According to the institutional research Web site for CSU, in fall 2004, there were over 15,000 students. The Book of Trends 2005 stated that there were 11,721 students from Cuyahoga County, but there were almost 4,000 students for everywhere outside of Cuyahoga County. That means that 25% of the student population at CSU doesn’t even have a chance to serve for the board of elections.

That seems very unfair to have a program like this, but to stop people who want to apply because they don’t live in Cuyahoga County or are not a registered voter. I just decided to late that I wanted to be involved in the voting process to register.

The bottom line is 1. Any student should be able to qualify for this opportunity when a program available at a college that admits students from all over; 2. Always remember to get the person’s name on the other end of the line; and 3. Ask questions.

These brochures can be found at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Web site at: www.boe.cuyahogacounty.us. Institutional research can be found at Web site: www.csuohio.edu/iraa.

My Day to Vent...

Yesterday was just my day to vent. I couldn't believe all the CRAP that was going on. The kicker off of the day started with the Cuayhoga County Board of Elections. They are running a program to recruit students from CSU to work as poll workers on Election day. I called, asking if they were still looking for poll workers. Need the extra cash, and thought it would be a good way to be part of the process.

First off, the woman on the phone was nasty. She was very short with her language, etc. Then, she says, "Are you a Republican? All the democratic positions have been filled?"


I say, "No, I'm an independent." Sorry, Marie, you're going to hate me for this, but I'm independent because I believe, when I vote, I will have an informed decision based on the information from the candidates, not just Joe Schmoe is a Democrat or Republican. Everyone needs to think this way.

Then, I say, "What does that have to do with working as a poll worker?" Personally, it shouldn't matter. Poll workers SHOULD be bi-partisan and neutral through the elections. My goal as a worker would be to make sure everyone is checked in correctly and they can vote. My political designation should have nothing to do with it.

Next problem: I am currently not a registered voter. I don't think I made it in time to register. That shouldn't matter either. I'm helping other people to vote.

So, I did a MAJOR vent to Cliff. And, I'm going to do my second story based on this. I've got conflicting information from their Web site about this.

But, the rest of the day was just a major VENT. But, don't want to get into it right now.

Gotta go. This weekend: 2 papers, 1 news story, 1 page layout (thanks Jason for the help), 1 chapter to read and define terms, baking for fund raiser next week for SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), and goodies to get together for Tuesday's party in Cassi's class.

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. It's 1pm and I've got to get dressed.

"R" Rated post for language...

If you haven't read: http://cathyasmom.blogspot.com/2006/10/my-civic-duty.html, you'll want to start here FIRST, before reading this post.

To continue with my last post on Thursday, the bottom line: my parents ROCK and his parents SUCK!

In the afternoon on Thursday, we received a call that the officials arrested said brother. Okay. Rob decided to call his father. Cassi had gotten a Halloween card from them, with a "credit card" from McDonald's for $5. Whoo Hoo! I thought that was rather unnecessary, since they tend to not do for her like they do their other 3 grandchildren. But, Rob figured she needed to call and thank them for the card.

Rob called. Cassi was put on the phone immediately. She says to him, "Thank you for my card."

Dad says, "Is this Austin?" (fyi, Austin is said brother's son.)

I was floored. So was Rob. I said in the background, "Don't they even know their own grandchild?" Obviously not.

But, she says to him, rather loudly, "This is CASSI!" (almost yelling)

Then, they talked with her a few minutes and she left the room. Then, the bullets started flying. Dad accused Rob of lying to him to get said brother's address information. That he should have just told dad that the officials were here and wanted Michael, even though officials didn't want dad to know because dad could then call said brother and tip him off they were looking for him and would get away.

Then, they started yelling at Rob, with me in the background hearing everything from speaker phone what he is saying. Bottom line: It is all my fault their family was broken apart. (R language coming) That I'm a BITCH and not just a BITCH, but a vindictive BITCH. Hey, I can handle that. Never been called a "bad girl" before. Sounds kinda nice!

Also, we don't do for them like we do for my parents. Agreed, we don't. Not when we purchase a brand new car every 2 years, WITH CASH. Not when they gut and renovate an entire kitchen when mom doesn't like the way the stove looks next to the fridge (also with all BRAND NEW appliances). But, according to them, I've purchased a mink coat for my mom. Mom? Did you find that coat yet? I know we, I purchased for them winter coats. That was when we first got married and I was working. It was MY money that paid for 2 winter coats for them from WAL-MART. Hmmm? Where's the mink in that coat? Then, they said we purchased a lawn mower for my grandfather. First off, it wasn't us who purchased the mower. Rob went with MY DAD, to find a mower and dad paid for it. BESIDES, the lawn that was the "cut-ee" of said mower was smaller than my side yard. One swipe and DONE!

Then, they got into how they were continually called by Rob's friends in Washington state, that he was drunk all the time. Huuuuuhhhhh???? Before my time. I was with someone else at that time. (my love affair)

And, then, they threw the "you're grandmother's been crying all day because of you" into the call. Because she just had major surgery, she has been staying with them, to be cared for. Not sure if I believe it. Then, Rob was hung up on.

Rob called back. Mom answered and plainly said, "Your wife is a BITCH. You can defend her if you want, she's your wife. She's BITCH!" They talked for a little while. Then, she threw the "grandmother" card down too. "She's sitting right next to me and has heard everything we said. She knows how much you lie!"

Huuuhhhh??? The only time I've heard Rob LIE to them was that morning, for a good reason. But, dad was bound and determined to make Rob out to be a liar. He demanded to know officer's phone number, which Rob gave. He didn't believe Rob when Rob told him there were 5 marshalls in my house.

Of course, officer can't tell him what's going on because of an on-going investigation, but did tell dad that not only were there 5 marshalls IN THE HOUSE, there were 20 total surrounding my house. Dad didn't believe Rob that it would take that many people to bring him down. Well, they were in full riot gear, bullet-proof vests ablazing.

Have you ever watched "Cops" before? If you have, then you understand that it CAN take LOADS of officers to take one person down. And, as my sister told me, they didn't know if said brother had a gun, had other people to bring down from the house, etc. They didn't know what would be going on in the house.

Then, last night, we get this email, basically trying to guilt trip us that said brother's son did nothing but cry because he got nothing for his birthday and didn't have dad to cry to because there was a fire and lost everything.

Sorry. Not my fault. If he had been doing his job to begin with, no officers would have come to my house. And, yes, call me a stoolie, but when 5 officers come into your house in full riot gear, you give them any information they want.

For those of you wondering, Cassi is doing just fine from all of this. She thought the whole thing was cool. When they were here, she walked around them, looking at the stuff on their waists. No, she didn't touch, she just looked. So, I've stopped asking her because she's not saying anything. I've even asked teacher, who said she hasn't said anything about police being at the house.

And, Rob has said, and I agree 100% with him, we would do it again in a heart beat.

With that, these are my final thoughts on this subject. Okay, so Rob has severed his ties with his parents. My parents are more his parents than his are!


Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Civic Duty...

Okay, before I get to my first news story to write up (due tomorrow) and finish studying for my exam (also tomorrow), I've got to write about my experience this morning.

I DID MY CIVIC DUTY (to get scum off the street)!

About 8:15 this morning, I was in my office, working on my desktop, Rob was finishing his shower, and Cassi was ready for school and watching TV in her room (remember, still no TV in the living room). I hear this strong, knock/pound on the front door.

Rob says, "Who the heck is that?"

I told him I thought it was Alyssa coming over to ask about riding with us. This is the little girl across the street who is in the same school with Cassi.

So, I go to the front door and open it. There standing at the front door are 4 (YES FOUR) Sheriff's. They ask me if Michael is here. For those of you who don't know, Michael is Rob's brother and a "bad seed."

I tell the main man, "No! He isn't here and we haven't seen him since July." At that point, he asks if they can come in. Of course. I'm not going to be a "bad hostess" and leave the police standing outside.

So, in come 4-5 sheriff's. They expalin they are looking for Michael because they have a warrant out for his arrest.

Rob shouts, "Who's at the door?" I tell him it's the police. "Oh, I'll be right out." In which I tell the police that's my husband just getting out of the shower.

They're asking me where they might be able to find Michael. I started thinking about all the places where he's lived and has been working currently. By that point, Rob comes out. He starts telling them the same thing about where he might find said brother. They ask who Rob is and the relation. It appears that Michael has been using our mailing address and this is how the police came to my door this morning. As we look out the side of our house, which is where the main street of our address comes from, I see a large Suburban sitting there.

Then, Rob says, "I know. Let me call someone who will have his address and phone number." In which he calls their dad. Because we have some stuff stored here of Michael's, Rob tells dad he wants to know Michael's address to deliver the stuff. Plus, he lost his cell phone number. As this conversation is going on, a few of the men had to leave the house because they had the walkie-talkies on that were pretty loud. They (and we) didn't want their dad to know the police were here.

In the end, the main man asks for our phone number and names. He didn't have a business card, but wrote down his name and cell phone for us. As I'm walking outside, because my Wall Street Journal is still sitting on the ground, in front of my door, I hear one of the men say, "Anyone coming out?"

I said, "No, just me getting my newspaper." I think they were disappointed at no catch here. But, we did our civic duty. Since Michael has been into drugs in the past and has been in jail in the past, we know something is up. Especially, since the main man, who gave us his information, says to us he is a US Marshall.

OK, there's federal issues going on here. We told him that Michael just won't learn until he goes away to jail for a long time. As the conversation was going on with dad, he says (because he's on speaker phone for the police to hear), Michael should be home now because Austin is in school. Okay, this should be a catch.

I bring in my newspaper and realize, "My house is an absolute mess!" My great room, living room/dining room combo has ALL KINDS OF CRAP strewn about. Because of Cassi's school papers, my school stuff as I got home late last night, our recent soda purchase, all a HUGE mess. But, we live here. I just realized how a stranger might see my house. Gotta CLEAN!

After this, I took Cassi down the street to school. I came back to get Rob because we were going over to Wal-Mart to get some sweaters and winter shirts for Cassi, who now had none because of her growth spurts. I picked up Rob and said, "Are we rolling by?"

He said, "Of course, but we'll just drive in the area, not on the street he lives." But, after we got by the street, we could see no SUV and went to the next street to double-back. No SUV, so not sure. On the way back up West Avenue, this is where the Elyria Police Station lives. We drive by very slowly, when I tell Rob, "Hey, I see their truck in the front of the building." Sure enough, after going behind the building, Rob saw it too.

So, we believe they "got him." Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Can't wait to find out what happened. And, Rob wants to call his dad, but I told him not to until later. You see, their dad has always favored Michael, who, by chance is Rob's half-brother (2 different dads). My parents have always thought of Rob as their kid and have supported us when his parents haven't.

Okay, Marie, don't tell mom & dad about this yet. I want to be the one to tell them. Let me have the joy of telling them.

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. Will let everyone know what happens as we find out.

UPDATE: About 3:45pm, Officer Siler, US Marshall, called us, letting us know that said brother was apprehended. There's a whole other story that came after this. I'll blab about it tomorrow or later. I still haven't done my homework for tomorrow. Ack!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Okay, here I go again with that "something's missing" feelings again. True, I do know what the "missing" things are, but some of them, I just can't fix, no matter what I do. So, here are things "missing" from my life right now:

1. the all-important Bachelor's Degree (which will come 2 years from now)
2. the all-MAJORLY important good job (that will come after the Bachelor's Degree comes)
3. communicating with an old friend (Haven't heard from him in a while, I know it's going to be tough, but darnit, send me a message every once in a while. Also, the only way to relieve this "missing" issue is time with said friend because I'm such a people person.)
4. my creativity seems to have left, much like the pleasant fall we were having since it appears we are now in WINTER!
5. my TV in the living room seems to have left me too (but, I'll get that back soon, I hope).

With that, I'm going to close for now. I guess we all get the BLAHS!

Love to all,
8^ )

One Week........

Okay, guys. I've got one week until my big presentation/training. I'm SOOOO excited. But, first, I've got to get through two term papers, one exam, and two news stories this week alone. I can't believe how busy this week is going to be.

We just got finished din-din. I ran out to Sam's club and picked up a couple HUGE pizza's. I know what I'll be eating as left-overs tomorrow. We always like to buy one pizza that's cheese only (for Cassi) and one for us (in this case, we bought a meat pizza). After hauling the monstrosities home, we got the oven ready and turned on. Because the pizzas were so large, we ended up foiling the racks and put the pizzas right on the racks. Okay, you're probably wondering how HUGE these pizzas actually were. Well, if anyone shops at Sam's Club, you can imagine INDUSTRIAL-SIZED. They were 16 inches diameter pizzas.

And, of course, my wonderful child decides she is only eatine ONE SLICE! That's why I know what I'll be eating tomorrow. So, Cassi asks why I'm going to eat her pizza. I tell her if I don't, it will live in the fridge 5 years! Next time, we'll buy the big pizza for us and the small Digorno's for her. We can cook one small pizza, so there's not as much left over.

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quiet in the Household...

Yep, I know "Ugly Betty" is on right now. My ABSOLUTE, all-time favorite show (even though it is brand new).

It's VERY quiet this evening. Cassi is playing on one of her three favorite Web sites: pbs.org, playhousedisney.com, or noggin.com. Or, she's playing Spider Solitaire. I always love playing it when I need a quick, not thinking, moment. She's learning how to play it on her own.

Hubby is sleeping. He is working over this evening. No, he won't get any OT, but he won't need to use any vacation time. Over the next 5 weeks, he is in a Wednesday all-day class for IV Therapy certification. Since the class is during the day, he'll be working 2 12-hour shifts and 1 8-hour shift. So, by working this evening, he won't have to take the vacation time he thought he would have time. But, on the positive side, he'll have 40 hours for the week, instead of 36.

So, everyone watch out! Once he's certified, he'll be able to stick people with needles and start IVs, etc.

But, the title of this post has NOTHING to do with what I just blabbed. The whole reason it's so quiet is that our WONDERFUL, NEW TV decided it just didn't want to turn on this morning. It worked last night before we went to bed. But, deadsville! So, hubby started looking for the receipt THAT WE BOUGHT IN MAY! He decided to get mad at me, because it always seems to be my fault that I throw ALL receipts away. But, luckily for both of us, the receipt was kept, just living in a box (until he decides to finish my office closet). Without the receipt, we were dead in the water to get it fixed. So, we hauled the box over to a place, which happens to be a "key" repair center, a whole half hour away in Parma. (Yes, if you've ever seen older Drew Carey shows, this is the same Parma he talks about in the theme song, "Moon Over Parma.") We get there, give them all the necessary info, and the man says,

"Now, becuase there will be no charge since this is covered under your one year warranty. It will take 10-14 days to finish."

And, I'm thinking to myself, "Are you f-ing crazy!????? 14 DAYS!!!!!"

So, on the way home, I tell hubby, "Don't worry about bringing out the TV from the bedroom. If Cassi wants to watch TV, she can go to her room. If you're sleeping, it will just give me more time to do homework or work on my computer."

You see, I've got so much stuff I can do on my computer, I could live on it for 3 years and still not have it done. So, I guess I'm one pretty busy chick!

So, at least for the next 2 weeks, being TV-less in the living room will be kida nice and quiet.

Oh, and I can read my Wall Street Journals that I got for free from my old Continental Rewards points.

With that, I'm going to close for now. Hubby gets up soon and Cassi will be going to bed soon.

Love to all,
8^ )

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Word Snafoo...

Okay, this one will make everyone LAUGH!

Yesterday, Cassi and I went through some of her clothes to determine which ones were too small. Since her friend is just around the corner and also has a little sister, and the family as a whole is "working" just like us, I figured I would send the good clothes on to them.

Well, this morning, as we were leaving the yard, bound for school, Cassi talks about how she has to get her hangers back from off the dress I'm giving them.

"I need me hookers back," she says.

"No, they are not hookers, they are hangers," I told her back.

"No, I like hookers better," she replies.

Okay, so we debate on why they should be called hangers and the fact it's okay for them to get the 2 hangars. Then, we pulled out and left.

Love to all,
8^ )

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Local Company Endorsement and Today

Okay, today was REALLY busy for me. At work, I was scheduled for 6am-3pm. Yep, I started waking up at 4am, with the kittens laying on me and next to me for heat.

So, I finally got up, showered, dressed, and went to work. On the way to work, I needed to visit the bank.

I figured I would be ABSOLUTELY exhausted when I got done work, but I was wrong. Over the course of the day, I worked outside in the garden department. All of my customers asked if I was cold, which I replied, absolutely NOT. Even with the lake effect snow (just mentioned on the news), rain, and sleet, it was okay.

But, on the way home, I called hubby, who was off this evening.

"Are we going anywhere?"

"Yep. Just get home."

I got home, pottied, and off we went. After last week, when hubby and Cassi brought home a bushel of apples, only about 1/3 was left, which is still ALOT of apples. But, not enough for pies, more juice, apple sauce (maybe), apple dumplings, basically BAKE.

So, we went off, back to the same u-pick place.

Company Endoresement: Grebe's Country Fruit Farm

It's located on Rt. 113, somewhere between South Amherst and Vermillion. We had a very nice visit out in the orchard. After paying for the bags, we drove the car out to the field to pick. BOY DID I PICK! I was in HEAVEN, picking any good looking apple I could find.

Plus, we met the owner (the hubby side), who was up in a "cherry picker" picking apples himself. His wife and daughter were running a small shop at the front of the property. The property is so awesome.

At this time of year, you can go there to pick about a half dozen different apples, large and small pumpkins. During other times of the year, they have u-pick peaches, grapes. The man was so nice. It is a family run farm. The owner, Steve Grebe, was so very nice to us. Very down-to-earth.

He explained the farm was his fathers and that he helped dad plant the trees that we were picking from, when he was a kid. The trees are HUGE. They are exactly like the trees I remember when I was a kid, picking with Marie and our mom. But, he said people just don't want to keep up trees of that size because everyone wants the smaller trees. But, since he helped plant all those trees, which live on 2 acres by themselves, he was keeping up the tradition.

I agree!

Then, after filling 2 bags, we decided we wanted 2 more because hubby's co-worker needed apples. So, we went back up to buy 2 more bags. After filling these bags, we stopped back up to the front, asking about their hours. The wife couldn't believe how quickly I picked the apples. Hubby's friend and brother are going to meet hubby at our house in the morning to go back out so they can pick even more. YES, there are so many apples left at the farm. The wife explained how they just planted 100 more apple trees in the last 4 years. They'll be ready soon for fruit.

This evening, I carved one of my 6 pie pumpkins and cooked it to make "canned pumpkin."

Simple recipe:
  1. take a pie pumpkin (the little ones)
  2. cut it up, de-seed it, and peel it (yes, takes a little umph to peel it)
  3. boil it like you would boil potatoes on the stove top
  4. once fork tender, drain any water and return the pumpkin to the pot
  5. mash and add pumpkin pie spice
  6. let cool
  7. bag and use immediately or freeze in freezer bags for later use

The one pumpkin I did tonight is the equivalent of 2 cans of canned pumpkin, but 100% fresh. When I'm ready to make pie, this pumpkin will replace where the recipe says "canned pumpkin" and workes EXACTLY the same.

Yes, I'm 100% surburan and love to bake.

Then, this evening, we were trying to find a good apple pie filling recipe. After finding one, we went out to the stores, looking for a clearjel starch (didn't find) and an apple peeler. Got the peeler at Target. This is one of those that hooks onto a table or something and you rotate to peel easily. It cores and slices. All I have to do is cut in half and it will be ready for the pot. EASY!

At the same time, I found a better recipe that doesn't call for the special starch.

So, come Tuesday, we'll be baking apple pie filling.

With that, I've DEFINITELY got to go. Tomorrow, work is 8-5, but I get to sleep until 6:45 in the morning. It's now 10:33pm East Coast Time, and I've now been up since 4, so I need to go to sleep.

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Pain...

Well, not really. Yesterday, while picking Cassi up from school, I noticed she had an extra lisp when talking. When I looked at her mouth, I noticed that there was an extra "bit" of white behind her bottom row teeth. So, we stopped, and I tell her to open her mouth. For the past month, she has had a loose tooth in the same area, but none dropping out.

It appeared that her two bottom, front teeth had her adult teeth growing behind her first teeth.

So, today, I had to work extra hard to get a new dentist. Her regular dentist, in my opinion, is getting ready to retire. I didn't call yesterday because I always remembered the hours being half day on Wednesday. Well, was I wrong! Her office is closed on Thursdays.

But, we found a new dentist for her. And a GOOD ONE at that! But, I was not happy at all. You see, I've got a BAD history with dentists. All but 2 (two) of my teeth have been pulled out.

So, when Rob got home this morning from work, he stayed up and helped me find a dentist. Then, he got up at noon to go with us, knowing he knows my history with dentists. Even though he was working tonight, he was willing to get no sleep to be with Cassi.

According to the dentist and assistant, they both said her teeth were ready to come out anyway, just about. So, she extracted the teeth. She told us she works a lot with kids, which I agree because she was so good with Cassi. I wish I had had a dentist like her when I was growing up!

When I had teeth removed, I ALWAYS saw the needle before they entered my mouth. So, even though it was for her, I got nervous. So, they brought us the bill, which I went and paid. What they did with Cassi was have her shut her eyes and keep the needle out of sight. They kept telling her the pink jelly (the stuff that starts to turn your lips into jelly). The dentist told her her teeth would go to sleep when the jelly and the water that was being put into her mouth would turn her bottom lip big and would go to sleep.

So, as she had her eyes shut, and the water was going in, the needle went in too. It was classic. But, I knew Cassi knew it was not the water that was her pain. She cried a little, but they kept putting extra water in her mouth to make her think the pain was from her teeth "going to sleep" and the water was too cold to cause the pain.

But, as they were getting ready for the extraction, I was too nervous. I went out and paid the bill. Once I got back, they were done! It was that easy.

So, we went home and her gums were done bleeding by the time we got home, which was about a half hour total. She laid down on the couch and watched a little TV. Because she was SO VERY HUNGRY, and the fact that she could only eat soft foods, I made her instant smashed potoates. We get these AWESOME potoates from Sam's Club and the ONLY instants I'll make and eat. She ate them and she loved it. Then, she watched a little more TV and took a nap.

This evening, we went to the mall, where she got some ice cream and got to play with some little kids.

Now, I'm finishing watching my new TV show "Ugly Betty." I think the show is AWESOME. It gives me hope for getting a good job, even though I'm not the best looking. But, I'm striving for more than just an administrative assistant.

With that, I've got some other blogs to review before going to bed with Cassi. I'm going to let her sleep with me tonight.

Oh, and by the way. While she was napping, the "tooth fairy" decided to show up and give her $4 in golden dollars. She told Pa all he had to do to get the money was get his teeth pulled with the puller the dentist used on her teeth. He said he should get Nana's teeth pulled and come to our house to get money!

Love to all,
8^ )

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Chance to Teach...

Congratulate me guys. As you've read in my blog, I've got an online portfolio, where I showcase all my different writing styles to prospective employers and anyone who wants to know the "techy" side of me.

So, when I started the site last March, my career counselor says to me, how would you like to teach a class on online portfolios at our next career fair. I say, "Sure, sounds like fun."

Well, it's coming to fruition. At the end of the month, October 30 to November 3, Cleveland State is having it's Fall Career Week. AND, I am teaching a class, "Developing Your Online Portfolio." It's basically going to show everyone who attends that they too can develop they own portfolios, it doesn't have to be just for education majors or English majors. Anyone can have an online portfolio that represents what they are doing in school, employment, life, etc.

It should be a fun and informative session. I told them if it was well-taken, I would do it again in the spring.

My class is on October 30 at 3pm. If anyone happens to be in the neighborhood, it's open to ANYONE! Also, my online portfolio site is: http://eportfolio.cathyhennes.com.

You'll probably find some weird stuff being added over the next few weeks that will only be there for the class, like art files, sound bytes, etc.

Love to all,
8^ )

This Weekend for Cassi and Hubby - a third person story

Because my job decided to change my working time, but decidedly, not choose to ask if it was okay, I ended up working 12-9 on Saturday. Obviously, they don't care if I have a life or not. So, I don't get the opportunity to go with hubby and Cassi on their outting. They went with Roz (Rob's nurse co-worker) and family to the east side, Chesterland to be exact to a farm for pumpkins and apples. Cassi really enjoyed herself. They went mainly so that Cassi to be around other kids. I heard all the stories about the day. Roz couldn't believe how comfortable Cassi got at her house and her brother's house. Well, she's a very independent kinda girl. Also, she knows when she's comfortable at someone's house to just relax. But, they ended up not getting any pumpkins. They were 35 cents a pound. Come on now. The pumpkins are only going to be carved and thrown away. No need. Plus, the bag of apples hubby got, I counted only 6 (yep six) in the bag were $4. Outlandish indeed!

But, on Sunday, of course a work day again at 8-5, hubby takes Cassi to a place just west of here between South Amherst and Vermillion. I think I know where they went because we went to a farm in Vermillion last year that was just down the street from where they went.

Anyway, they were able to pick apples right off the tree. I've been looking for a place like this for 13 years, since we moved here from Jersey. They got two bags to fill for apples. The man told them that one bag was about a half bushel. Each bag cost $8 each. Okay, so one bag was about five times as much apples as the bag they purchased the day before for twice as much. We've already gone through almost all of the apples, and no apple pie filling yet. I guess I'll just have to go back.

Cassi and I had a mom-daughter night last night. We took MANY of the apples, cored them and juiced them.

Product Endorsement: If you ever decide you want fresh juice, get a Jack LaLane juicer. I've got the smaller one, which cost us about $100 from Home Shopping Center. I've made all kinds of juices fresh from the fruit. Yes, it does take a lot of fruit to make fresh juice, but it's well worth it. First, it's 100% fresh. Second, there are no preservatives, sugar, or anything artificial in it. I've made fruit juices and veggie juices as well. I've made home made V8 without all the extra salt. Of course, there's a salty taste to the juice, but it comes from the tomatoes you squeeze.

Cassi really enjoyed helping me put the fruit into the juicer. I cored the apples myself. On occasion, I cut the apples in half. I let her drop the piece into the top of the juicer, where I put the pusher into the hole and made juice. I've got a HUGE bag of pulp left, the solid pieces of the apple that couldn't be juiced. Probably Thursday, I'm going to make apple bread from my recipe for Zucchini bread, just replacing the zucchini with apples.

So, I just finished my paper for class tomorrow. I'll print it out at school tomorrow or email it to her. I have to interview one more person for my news column for next week's edition of the paper. Plus, I have one more story, that I'm going to do next week.

Love to all,
8^ )


Okay, so my kid has been watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory a little too much lately. It was on the last two nights on ABC Family. Not sure if it's on tonight too.

But, tonight, before Cassi goes to bed, she says to me, I'm still hungry, can I have something else to eat. My daughter is also a "garbage can." She can eat and eat and eat. But, she's still skinny (didn't get those genes from ME!).

Anyway, this past week, we decided to pick up a box of Fruit Loops that have giant eyeball marshmallows in it. She says to me, "It is scrumptious, even without milk."

It's hilarious, especially since she probably doesn't even know what the word means!

Love to all,
8^ )

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Template

As my friends now see, I am using a new template for this blog. I think I like it and will keep it for a while to see how things go. It seems brighter and easier to read.

Love to all,
8^ )

Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Exercise Day...

Well, I FINALLY decided to wear my digiwalker to school today. Of course, Monday's and Wednesday's are my walks from BFE to class. Both of my classes are in the same building, but I have to walk from no man's land to get there. Today, I was lucky enough to be about a block closer. But, I still walked almost 2 miles from the time I left the house to drop Cassi off at school and when I returned home, after picking her up.

Luckily today, I was able to get my page approved for this week's edition. For this week, I am formatting page 5. The print editions of our newspaper has 8 pages. Two weeks ago, I did page 4. But, this time, I was supposed to be working with someone to put the page together. But, as usual, I get to school by 10 so that any news stuff, I can get done before my first class. The first story was ready. I started to place it. Once I got to class, the girl I was working with, sat there. Of course, as everyone can remember, I am a take charge kinda girl. So, I just took the mouse and started placing stuff. I also took over and made the necessary graphics updates for the photo we used with the story. Then, Cliff got our second story ready. By that time, my co-worker left for her job, which I completely understand. But, because of myh timing issues with Wednesday, I wanted to stay as long as possible to get it done today. I can safely stay until 2pm and still make it back to Elyria in time for Cassi. So, I got it finished, had Cliff review, then, I spell-checked the story, printed it twice, and put on the board the page was approved.

So, all in all, today was an interesting day. I got, probably, three miles walked total.

This afternoon, I started getting my cooking needs satisfied. Because hubby worked 12 hours overtime this evening, I needed to make sure I cooked dinner for him. Out of three days, I had to cook at least once. The last two nights, I just couldn't because of working. But, today, I could.

I made baked chicken in the oven, with a little poultry seasoning and chicken soup base. I also made home made corn chowder. It was AWESOME! It's a recipe from our Waktins business. (Oh, yeah! I need to talk about our home-based business about the Watkins products we sell.) But, it started helping me with my need to cook. Yep, Marie, I guess I'm REALLY suburban, and now must have been for the past seven years, but, mostly the last three since starting this business. Even though I COMPLETELY am wanting my career back, I'm also enjoying my cooking and baking. So, tomorrow, I'll probably make the banana bread. Since Wednesday is press day at the news room, I'll bake it and bring it in for the gang. And, I'll look at bringing in stuff for tea.

Okay, with that, I'm trying the show everyone's been talking about on the blogs, Studio 60.

Love to all,
8^ )

P.S. So far, it looks really good! And, I'm recording so I can do a review tomorrow or the next day.

The STRANGEST dream...

Some time in the middle of the night, I had this dream. As a matter of fact, the dream seemed to replay three times. I think it started because I watched Paula Dean's "Cooking Class" show in the Food Network Saturday night. And, last night before bed, I was doing stuff for school.

Okay, for some reason, in my dream, I am taking a cooking class at college. It was a Thursday, and Paula Dean, who is my professor, tells me, "Tomorrow, you're having your cooking midterm. Do you have something at home you want to or need to bake. You have to make what you are making from scratch."

Well, I tell her, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am in need of baking some banana breads." I actually do because I have some smashed bananas out from the freezer to use in the bread. Nope, I haven't made them yet.

She says, "Good. Bring EVERYTHING you need to school tomorrow to make the breads."

Then I say, "Well, I also want to make an apple pie. But, I'll have to make the crust from scratch. I did pick up some pre-made crust to make the pie. I guess I can't use it if the pie has to be 100% from scratch."

"Yes, and, is the pie filling also from scratch."

"Of course. I always make my apple pie filling from scratch, peeling, cutting, and cooking the apples on my stove."

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow."

VERY WEIRD dream. It replayed at least three times, that I remember. I even remember waking up, thinking, I've got to make that bread and make that pie. But, it did not make me hungry, thinking about all those goodies.

What a strange way to incorporate Paula Dean and school together. I would just LOVE to meet her.

That's it for now.

Love to all,
8^ )

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Like to Chat...

This thought just ran through my brain. I got off work at 6pm today. As I was closing down my register, by counting out, my sister called. I'm so glad no one was around. During lunch, I turned the sound back on because I took a 10 minute nap and used the alarm clock so I would remember when to go back inside.

Anyway, Marie called, which I had to tell her I had to call her back. I called mom and dad on the way out the door. "Elvis has left the building." This was to let them know I was on my way home and they could bring pipsqueak home. Then, I called hubby. Since he was on his way to work and I on my way home, there was no way we could ACTUALLY SEE each other. So, my next phone call was to him. We chatted a few minutes, then I called Marie back.

At this point, I can't believe how tired I am. I got home, played with my movie DVDs and waiting for shorty to get home. As I decided to get up and go get jammies on, they walk through the door. All this time, I didn't even eat dinner. Just wasn't hungry, and I had a lot I wanted to do before they got home.

So, I did: 1. put my crap together for the morning, 2. put her stuff together for the morning. In the morning, I'll still have to take the garbage out, make her lunch, move her stuff to a NEW rolling backpack they got her this weekend, make myself some lunch, which I think I'll take some leftover chili, take her to school, and go to school myself. Just to do everything all over again.

Luckily, hubby is working OT tomorrow night. One of the ladies he works with was scheduled for OT, but, doesn't want to work. Good for us! I'm not doing anything important. I'll just cook chicken and make the home-made corn chowder when I get home from school.

Love to all,
8^ )

News Stories Ready

Even though I had three stories ready for the first print edition at school, only two of them made the actual print. They are posted on my online writing sample, portfolio site.

You can find it at: http://eporfolio.cathyhennes.com.

The third story will be making it to the print edition this upcoming week. Plus, I've completed three news stories for this edition. So far, two of them will make the actual print edition.

All of my stories can be found online at: http://www.csuohio.edu/clevelandstater.

I hope everyone enjoys my writing samples. Plus, all of my other writing samples are included here, except my published poetry. Back in 1992 and 1993, two of my poems were published in anthology books. I've got them scanned, but haven't created the pages on my site yet. Will let you know as soon as I'm done.

Love to all,
8^ )

The Cranky Clevelander

I've decided I'm not going to devote just a day to the Cranky Clevelander. I'm going to gripe when I need to and immediately.

So, gripes will be ongoing.

Love to all,
8^ )

Tiring Weekend...But Good!

Well, this weekend was good at work, but tiring. Last night, I came home and washed 2 loads of laundry. While that was going on, I got to watch the Lindsay Lohan movie, "Mean Girls." It's one of the movies we're watching in my Gender in Comm class. A really interesting moving. I had never seen it before. But, since Cassi was gone and Rob was at work, it was just me at the cats. They pretty much left me alone. After the movie, I watched, for the upteen-millionth time, "Dirty Dancing." I can never get over the dance at the end. I would REALLY love to learn how to dance like that. Maybe some day soon. I was asleep at 9:30pm and slept until 7:30 this morning. Luckily, I didn't have to be to work until 9 this morning.

Well, this is my fourth weekend at the job. Yesterday, I learned A LOT of new things that I had never come across before. Today was pretty quiet, except that I got to be outside in the garden area. Don't think the guys liked me much because everyone was stopping to ask me questions that I just couldn't answer. So, I made LOTS of phone calls for help.

But, even with working weekends, it appears that I'm doing MUCH more walking than I thought. So much so that I just checked my weight. Yep, even at night, after eating lunch and drinking sodas (yep, the bubbly will always be SODA to me), I am down to 290! So, it appears that my weight loss has been kick-started again.

AND, there's this VERY NICE guy who works with me. He works in the "lot" where he helps keep the carts cleaned, helps put stuff in cars, etc. Like me, he also works just on weekends because he is in school. And he's SO CUTE! Believe me, if I wasn't married! Ooh, too bad I'm past the mid-life crisis part. Anyway, we've chatted a lot about our school work, what we're doing etc. If I had been able to just talk to him this afternoon. Of course, I thought about it too late. I would have interviewed him for my news story that is going to press this week.

Oh, well!

So, Cassi is home. I setup her tee-pee in her room to play. Pa and Nana bought her new jeans. The girl must be going through a growth spurt. Five pairs of pants, three of them jeans became too small or too short. So, her friend, Jo got them, along with a pair of sneakers. Even though they are in the same grade, Jo is just a bean pole compared to my pipsqueak. She's filled out more since going to Pa's every weekend while I work.

The weather was beautiful here today. At work, I wore my jacket outside for all of about 10 minutes this morning.

With that, I'm going to close. I want to scan my last newspaper before I go to bed. Plus, I want to get my sidebar story ready, with the graphics and the new lead for my feature story that's going on page 1!

Love to all,
8^ )