Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Craft Show

Yep, you heard that right. I'm doing one craft show this year. It's a show that's being run by one of Rob's lodge groups. So, I'm finalizing all my goodies for the show.

As some of you know, last year I put together a kid's coloring book that turned out to be a hit at my few shows. This year, I've got 5 (4 of them are ready). I'm printing them as we speak. I'm only printing 5 of each to see how they sell.

Plus, I've put together 5 binders of all my goodies as templates, along with a binder of completed samples.

Other stuff I'll have at the show:

Tea Bag Envelopes (good "different" gifts that can be added into greeting cards)
Recipe Cards
Chore Charts (white board)
Reading Logs
Make-A-Card Sets
Note Cards
Friend Cards

Plus, we're also going to put out our Watkins Products for demo. Hopefully, I can get a few parties dated for October and November. I'll have to put a couple of calendars together to try to date a few parties. Yep, we're also starting our biz again. We've been running it for the past 5 years, but haven't really "sold" stuff. We've just been buying the stuff ourselves to use. Not know what Watkins is? Well, if you like to bake, you would REALLY like to use these products. They've also got personal care and home care products. You can check out the products at But, please, if you are interested in ordering and would like to have me (and Rob) as your salesmen, let us know and we can set you up with a customer number.

OK. Off the soapbox now.

Everyone wish me luck at my show. Hopefully, it turns out to do well.

That's it. I've been REALLY busy today. Cassi's at Pa and Nana's. Mom had surgery on Wednesday. Don't know how she's going to handle being off work 4 weeks. But, Cassi wanted to go see them so she could help take care of Nana this weekend. I'll see what happens tomorrow when they call because she's bored.

Cassi has her school pics on Monday. She'll be so pretty!

It's 11pm. I really need to crash. I'm tired. Was up last night til 2am and was up this morning at 7am. I took a 20 minute nap this evening. I'm ready for bed.

Good night all!

Love to ya,
8^ )

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm on the lookout again and applying for jobs. I've only been working an extra hour last week and this week. I now support 5 people. In the last 2 weeks, I was given 2 more people to being secretary to and not given an option of going full-time.

But, on the bright side, because I DON'T get paid for holidays and sick leave, I can make up that time by working extra hours.

So, that's what I've been doing.

And, because I have the extra management to support and extra projects to handle, there's no reason why continuing working these extra hours can't continue....

Until I chat with my boss about the amount of work I am doing and that, after we have our meeting to discuss what projects I am working on, that it is possible that continuing to work longer hours is necessary.

And, then I got the push back. Some resistance against it. But, my meeting isn't until Thursday afternoon. I am tracking EVERY day this week the laundry list of things I am doing that are filling my time. Can you believe I was so busy Monday morning that I didn't GO until lunch time and then after lunch only went once?

So, I've been applying for professional jobs again. The first one is with the job I was with in the past. I emailed my former supervisor who still works there. After a few emails, she tells me to expect a call from "name here," the recruiter who is hiring for the job. She talked to the recruiter about my being a good fit for the job. Ooh. Could work there.

Or, I met with someone about a Technical Writing job with a local company. The company is located in Akron, but the option of telecommuting is there. The company just doesn't have the space. Of course, I would have to go into the office, say, once a week. But that's good. The commute is an hour one way. But, for one day a week and the potential salary, I am being considered.

OK. I talked with dad about all this. I wanted to let him know what was going on. He always says we don't tell him. So I did. And he didn't like it. Because I don't have a baby sitter in the morning. And, where is she going in the afternoon? I told her the afternoons were covered. But, if I was working in Cleveland, I wouldn't get home until 6 pm. He couldn't always take off for her. No, I never asked him to. She is at a babysitter in the afternoons. And, she can stay there until 6 pm. She has other kids she keeps just as long. As for the mornings, at this point, I have not asked one of the 2 other moms I know that run day care businesses in the area. I can ask them as, if I had to work in Cleveland, I would probably have to leave at 7 am, dropping her off to the sitter then. Then, what if Rob gets a day job. For those of you who don't know, he works nights as a nurse, but is trying to transfer, within the same company, to another facility that's during the day. This would allow him to be at home in the evenings with us. He is now missing it, and Cassi asks about him some nights when she wants to see him.

So, we'll see. And, it can't hurt to try. My goal at going back to school was to go back to being a professional-level employee again. One of these jobs would definitely do it for me.

Send all prayers this way. I NEED it.

Lots of love,

P.S. My sister, Marie, sent me an awesome book, The Host (same author as the Twilight books). I've just really gotten into this weekend. No, I'm not like VP, who can't put the book down until I'm done. There's WAAAAAY too many other things that need done. But, I am working on it. Definitely good before bed reading and "me time" that I was wanting.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How do you...

...tell your kid she's about to become an aunt? Especially when your child still is learning the difference between who is her aunt and why that person is her mommy's sister. And, why her Pa and Nana are her mommy's mom and dad. She still wants to call Marie (my sister) her mom. OK. So, Marie treats her like her own child. That's how we were raised. AND, since Cassi is the only, that's fine that Marie treats her that way. Works for me. But, Marie is Aunt, not Mom. Cassi gets confused with this.

And, how do you explain that her sister is not her mommy's daughter but her daddy's daughter? Her sister is no relation to her mommy.

OK. I should ask questions like, Why is the sky blue? Or why is the ocean blue? I could probably get much easier answers to these questions.

So, she's back in school. Rob's happy. She's due in December (I knew that all along; can't pull a fast one on me). She called Rob tonight because she has a family tree she has to do. She needs Rob's parents birthdays, anniversary, and Rob's mom's parent's info and Rob's dad's parent's info. Why not just call them yourself? Or why can't you call me? She should have called them directly too. It was their information to give.

Well, just like I've said. She doesn't want to talk to me directly. She never has. That's fine with me. But, I was told to tell Rob that she's having a girl and the baby shower is November 8.

So, I would rather not have Cassi influenced by her. She slept around, got pregnant, and will have the child and probably live under welfare. Anyway, how do I explain this to Cassi when I've been putting it into Cassi's brain about studying hard for school and going to college and being whatever she wants to be. And, how I don't want her to have a cell phone or boyfriends until she's got a career (ok, not so strong). She needs to focus on the school and career first.

What a day, eh? And, I had to get her in bed but had to get her in bed a little late because I had to do this project for her (the family tree info). I needed to shower Cassi and get her to bed because the next three days she'll be up at 6:30 am. Rob's working tonight, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night. He won't be home in time for me to go to work. So, she's going to her friend, Emily's house in the mornings. And, because I'm working over, she's walking to her babysitter's house for the hour or so until I get done. I'm making up two days from my last pay period because I was sick one day and the holiday for Labor Day. I don't get paid for holidays when the plant is closed. So, I'm trying to squeeze in 12 hours extra these next two weeks, along with:

1. all the house work
2. cooking and getting food ready for Rob before he goes to work
3. helping Cassi with homework every night
4. next week Cassi starts bowling lessons
5. did I say all the housework?
6. we're going camping this weekend (and will probably be the last of the year)
7. get stuff prepped for craft show as I'm doing just one this year on October 4

Now, do you see any "personal time for Cathy" listed above? You're right. There's no time for me. I'm working on laundry right now.

Today, I:

1. worked 8 til 4
2. picked up Cassi
3. came home and watched for mom and dad (Their electricity went out so was bringing food to store it.)
4. started cooking dinner for Rob
5. emptied dishwasher and ate
6. made a pack of cigarettes for him (It's so much cheaper to make than buy. Here in OH it's $35 a week for a carton when I can buy the supplies for 2 cartons for $20!)
6. watched a movie with Cassi (some Cassi-time)
7. got dirty dishes in washer and started it
8. took Cassi over to sign her up for bowling lessons
9. came home and made phone calls for family tree project
10. showered Cassi and got her ready for bed (and put to bed)
11. signed all of Cassi's papers to go back to school tomorrow
12. washed 2 loads of laundry (one in washer and one in dryer right now)
13. made 3 packs of smokes (Yeah, I hate this habit too, but a bad one to break.)
14. writing this post and messaging Rob while he's at work
Yet to do...
15. get last load in dryer
16. make Cassi's lunch

OK. Everyone will be EXHAUSTED after reading my laundry list. No one understands how much I'm doing DAILY!

And, yes, as I write, it is now 10:35 pm. I'm so ready for bed it's unreal. I also have to be up at 6:30 am to shower and get ready for work.

Lots of love to all,
8^ )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a quickie...

The weather is NASTY here. It seems as if we're starting to get some crap from that hurricane (plus probably a low front coming in).

Anyway, I get to write a little as I'm waiting on hold for Windstream. This is the phone company in this area. We no longer have their service, but, one of our tress in the "back"/side yard decided to come down. Right into our neighbor's yard. Luckily, the fencing that it fell on was that chicken wire stuff. Pretty easy to get back together, but the phone lines are shot. Pulled the lines right out of our house. Luckily, it didn't get the chain link fence of our neighbor's neighbor's house (that's 2 over from us). That's a brand new fence. Our deductible on the home owner's insurance is $500.


There's so much going on, it's not funny. So, I sit here and wait for someone to answer the phone.

8^ )

P.S. Check back on some earlier posts, I may get to write about some of them now.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

9/4/08 More Hours; More Responsibility

Well, I had original thoughts about this on the date above, but more since then. On this date, my boss asked me to come to her office. I'm thinking, "Uh! Oh! It's time to see the principal. What did I do wrong?"

It appears that I have done nothing wrong. She's very happy with the work I am doing. In fact, there's still many things she would like me to do for her that she's still learning that she's got someone to help her get the work done. So, my job is good.

She asks me if there is an issue with taking on responsibilities with being the assistant to another director. Sure, that's not a problem. I told her, the more work I do, the more of a value I give to the company and the more opportunity there is for extra hours and possibly taking the position to full-time status. She agrees 100%. But, at this point, I am assisting 2 directors (Sarah and the new guy) and 2 product managers (Brian and Josh). Both Brian and Josh, who are both very self-sufficient, are also giving me more projects.

So, I get a chance to speak with Sarah's boss. I explain to him my concerns. He agrees that he sees much in me that is giving value-add to my position. He said that the person before me who had the job wanted this position to be full-time, but he said he didn't see her utilized very well. Not sure the situation, but I told him that I am always looking for new projects to work on. That my job is not to just sit there but to learn the new stuff and what else can I do; who can I help. He's very appreciative of that. He sees the possibility of having the job go full-time. My big "spiel" about needing full-time isn't necessarily for med/dental benefits. It's for the capability to get paid for holidays/sick/vacation.

As of today, over the last 2 weeks, I had 2 days out, one day for the Labor Day holiday and one day for being sick. Yep, I got the flu already! But, Sarah, the awesome lady that she is, is allowing me to work the next 2 weeks to make up the 12 hours I missed. I'll be working every day until 4pm and a few days will be half hour lunches. Cassi's going to the babysitter. The lady that lives near the school whose son is in Cassi's grade will take her after school. She watches a number of kids and charges $2 per hour. PERFECT!

So, Sarah wants me to keep her informed if my projects become too crazy and more hours are needed. As the new guys ramps up, I see this as something that I will need to do. Plus, the senior manager that I thought I was doing just a monthly sales report for, I am also going to support. So, instead of just 3 people, I now have 5. To me, that means that I should be offered the full-time.

My daily projects are going to increase exponentially.

OK. That's it for now.

Lots of love,
8^ )

P.S. (9/14/08) Promise I will write about the other things too that are located in my blog as drafts.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I just KNEW someone would stop by and wonder WHY I haven't written in 2 months. I promise, I've been adding my info (and some on the backs of recipes cards) of things I want to talk about.

But, all has changed since I am now a working girl!

Promise to update as soon as possible.

Everyone's still good, but HELL broke loose a few times this summer. Ask Marie (she comments on VP's blog) who is my sister. She can't even get in touch with me sometimes.

Lots of love,
8^ )