Monday, April 23, 2012


I can't believe how much STUFF I've got going on. I had a Rainbow Girls Parent Advisor's meeting tonight. I definitely don't want to do it next year. Parents who don't show up. No wonder why the kids don't come to their meetings.

Anyway, we got home at 9:30 pm, well after being able to say good night to Cassi. Sitting here on the computer, which I've been doing MUCH less of at home. Ever since this new position, I just don't want to be on the computer at nights. But, I'm trying to keep my writing up. So, for at least 2 nights a week, I'll be on the computer.

While I'm here, I'm also listening to iTunes. Working on a new playlist from Rob's desktop. I've got iTunes on my desktop too, but I figured I would create it here. Yet another "Me" list. I'll copy the list and create it for my iPhone later on.

I'm listening to my new headphone buds. Keeping the outside sounds out and helping make these sounds MUCH nicer.

Working on relaxing a little before bed. Have to come up with an agenda for my training day on Thursday. I think I'm ok. Once I get the agenda set, then, I'll rewrite some of the instructions I've written for this training.

I REALLY want to go out dancing. There's no good places for the music I like to dance to. Hmmm. I know that I would lose some weight this way. Dance a few nights a week. I know I'm working VERY hard to get off the soda kick. Almost all gone. I don't drink soda at work. That's a BIGGIE for me. I'm already seeing a couple pounds lost.

I have an AWESOME male friend who says I am fine just the way I am. He feels it's the person inside that's more important. He's so SWEET. Guess my hubby likes me this way too. He married me! Other issues there, but I'm trying to stay up beat.

I started all kinds of posts yesterday because I was VERY upset. But, in under 24 hours, those feelings have changed. Love it when I swing from one side to the other like this. Good thing I understand this and can handle it on my own like I have for so many years. I swear in a past life I was a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist because I can discuss my issues to myself and talk about them to myself and figure them out like I was "out of body" as a 3rd-person.

Ugh! I've got a headache now. Where's someone who can give me a back massage? I give them out so freely here but don't get them. Ok. Don't want to go down that road tonight. Miss chatting with my friend, but I know he's busy so I won't bug him. I'll wait to see when he calls me.

I sent him a letter but didn't actually get around to explaining why I wrote it. I'm so scatterbrained that my thoughts go 500 places all at once.

OK. Going to just listen to music now.

Lots of love,



Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
David Hicks here from ETE 567. I enjoyed reading your blog. I admire you taking this avenue to express things that are going on in your life. Im very impressed with your weight loss journey. I'm sure that you have been an inspiration to others with such a tremendous amount loss. You blogging actually makes me think I should start one. It'd be nice to have a place where I can express my thoughts. Great posts

Juls said...

I hear you!!! I have a lot going on too. 2 master courses, 4 kids and trying to find a job!!!! I would rather a busy life then one where I have nothing going on. I love to keep busy.