Saturday, April 21, 2012


Rumors...Office Gossip...

A friend was talked about. I heard about it, was told a story. I wasn't happy about it. I'm still not happy about it. Don't want to share what was said. I've told the person what had been said because I felt that person should know. And that person responded that the story wasn't true. Guess the telephone game was running rampant on it!

It makes me VERY upset and sad about it. And that person can't defend themselves since they only come to the office a couple times a year. I feel like I need to be that person's defender and protector. Wow! What feelings come over me.

Listening to some sad music right now. Makes me realize that my depression isn't that far away from me. But, I am being strong and have told the person who told me that they not discuss it with anyone else.

Makes me realize that I shouldn't do that to anyone else, even if they actually are that way.

I discussed it just a couple days ago. It won't go away. It feels just as strong today as it did then. Only a few people have ever had me feeling like this when something like this has come up.

I thank the person for sharing their story with me. BUT, even that story made me sad. If we were close enough, I would spend time with that person to try to help make everything better.

Ok. Need to not be sad for now. This person knows how much I care. Needed/Wanted to share with anyone reading me.


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