Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry guys! It's been a VERY long time since I wrote. It's been a very emotional time for me these past weeks.

For the positive, Cassi has made some new friends. She has another Alexis friend (that's 3 now in her age range). My co-worker and friend Jennifer invited us to her youngest daughter's birthday party on Saturday. Chelsea turned 4. Cassi is so excited. The reason is that once school is over, Jen's mom is going to babysit Cassi. Not only will Cassi get to play with Jen's kids, she'll also get to play with Jen's sister's kids. I got to meet her family on Saturday. They're all hilarious.

Plus, Rob and I met new people and have started hanging out together. Very nice couple. And, they have 2 girls. So, now Cassi has a Margaret friend. Can't wait for dad to start calling her maggot! I had a friend growing up named Margaret. If my dad didn't like you, he wouldn't pick on you. He was ALWAYS calling her maggot because he liked her. So, Cassi will have a full and busy summer with her new friends. Even though she has her friends from school, I like the idea of her getting out and meeting others. Plus, we really don't see her friends over break. I'll have to make some friend cards for her to give to friends for the summer. So they can call each other.

That might be a good idea.

So, this weekend was crazy for me. Marie sent me a note the other day, telling me about a Web site that allows people who create crafts for sale to have an avenue to sell them. So, I registered. Haven't gotten much farther yet. Because I have so MANY different products, I'm looking a creating groupings of the items, sell them together as sets, instead of individually. I think I'll focus on my recipe cards, bookmarks, and teabag envelopes to begin with and go from there. An excellent project for the summer.

Here's my site:

There's so much going on in my life right now, I can't see straight. With the end of school comes the major projects for them (that I do). I absolutely REFUSE to buy the dogtags they give out to the kids. I'm working on cutting and completing this projects. They are giving out 19 different tags. They give them to the kids for field day, attendance, student council, etc. Plus, with my graphic design and manipulation experience, I'm able to customize the graphics I've downloaded. This year, seven of the designs are new AND manipulated. Plus, on each tag, it says the school and year. With the company they purchased from before, this information wasn't on it and was very standard. Not so now.

The first full week of the month was not only Nurses Appreciation Week but also Teacher's Appreciation Week. Didn't realize both happened at the same time (this is your reminder for next year). Even though we weren't able to purchase the lunch for the teacher's as they do a luncheon every year, I made their desert. I purchased new cup cake pans that make edible bowls. So, I made yellow, white, and chocolate cupcake bowls. Then, I sent with the cupcakes sliced strawberries and pineapples (and some coolwhip). I've also used the pans to make cornbread bowls. Just last week, we had our first FEASTival. Yes, feast! One of my product managers made chili and I offered the cornbread bowls. I think everyone had a good time.

Tomorrow Rob will have his Mason meeting. I've offered to bake for that meeting. Stil deciding what to make. I think peach cobbler is a good suggestion (have peaches to make it). And sandwiches.

Can you believe with all of this baking, I've lost 5 pounds? Yep. I really enjoy baking. Helps me relax. And, I've needed it.

Need to relax because I'm nervous. Don't want to get into it right now as there hasn't been a decision yet on what I did. As soon as a decision is given, I'll provide more details.

And, with that, I'm really tired. I think I want a short nap right now. But, I also have three more dog tags to finish designing and printing.

Lots of love to everyone!

More as soon as I can.

8^ )

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